Apr 19, to Jun As the remaining forces of the Knights of St. As the Britannian forces close in on the Front’s headquarters, Kallen utilizes her new Knightmare Frame, the Guren Mk-II , to cause a massive landslide that takes out much of the Britannian forces. Missing an episode from. Suzaku transfers into Lelouch’s class and faces the prejudice of the Britannian students. Download Miira no Kaikata Subtitle Indonesia.

Taboo Tattoo Episode 2,. Later, Suzaku tests Lelouch’s memories by putting him on the phone with Nunnally. Retrieved March 9, A ceasefire is called so Schneizel can meet with the leaders of the Black Knights, but Lelouch is too devastated to attend. July 20, [48]. Lelouch of the Rebellion staff list”.

The warhead detonates over the government complex, obliterating a massive section of the settlement.

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Guilford delivers an ultimatum to Zero: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 episodes. Houkago no Pleiades Episode 11 sub indo. Lelouch returns animepremiuk Ashford Academy during the broadcast, causing Villeta Nu ‘s Special Division to have doubts he was the Zero on television. Episode 13 – Towards Your New. He returns to Ashford Academy and finds Anya and Gino enrolled as students.

Clear Card-hen — Episode 2 [Sakura and the Room. Einzbern Soudanshitsu; Fight Ippatsu!. By simply adding AnimeLab to your ad-blocker’s whitelist you’ll be ensuring that we can.

Arthur, a stray cat, enters Lelouch’s room and steals his Zero mask. Soon after, Lelouch, C. From Dragonball to One Piece to Naruto. Code Geass Season 2 Episode 16 Gogoanime. Lelouch is then transported to a separate dimension known as the Sword of Akasha where he is confronted by Charles.

Before he can relinquish himself to drugs, Kallen steps in, reminding him of his responsibilities as Zero.

The story follows Lelouch vi Britannia, exiled prince of Britannia, who is living under the identity Lelouch Lamperouge. When Suzaku catches up to the cat on the roof, Lelouch pretends to slip forcing Suzaku to save him. Meanwhile, Charles has become immortal after killing and gaining V.


At the end, the cast takes revenge on Lelouch for forcing them into the play by dressing him up as Aniempremium Hatter. December 7, [97]. Watch Assassination Classroom for free on. May 4, [16]. Meanwhile, Nina meets Princess Euphemia and inadvertently gives Euphemia peace of mind about her feelings for Suzaku.

Lelouch, wishing to make Nunnally happy, casts her as Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and has everyone he knows play the supporting roles while he narrates.

Suzaku returns to Ashford Academy to determine if Lelouch has regained his memories. After placing the Secret Division under his control with Geass, Lelouch blackmails Villeta into his servitude.

Lelouch encounters Maoa young man who uses his Geass mind-reading abilities to play on Shirley’s insecurities, manipulating her into shooting Lelouch.

Lelouch reminisces about his capture by Suzaku and how the Emperor, his father, altered his memories with Geass. After the W-0 unit is denied access to head back to headquarters, they come across a group of elder gypsies who temporarily take them in; as they get along well, Akito and Leila reveal what happened when they were children and thus leading them to where they are now.

June 29, [40]. Fate of the Animals – update. Elsewhere, Suzaku suspects Lelouch murdered Shirley and decides to interrogate Kallen with drugs. Archived from the original on October 2, But Akito, having promised Leila that he will come back alive, refuses to accept such a fate, and the two clash in their final battle.

January 11, []. With Shirley torn apart by grief and guilt, Lelouch uses his Geass to erase her memories of him.

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Retrieved March 9, C-Bear is based partly on Tone Loc’s childhood. During the rescue mission, Lelouch convinces Tohdoh to join the Black Knights.


At the museum, Suzaku is scorned by the Britanians due to his nationality; in return, Euphemia announces to have Suzaku instated as her knight. However, Schneizel interrupts and has his personal guard arrest Lelouch, making him believe Suzaku has betrayed him. Meanwhile, Julius Kingsley, revealed to be a brainwashed Lelouch Lamperougeexpresses his form of control as several leaders look on in awe and disgust.

Meanwhile, Zero announces his plan to overthrow Britannia and to create a new country called the United States of Japan.

With the Eunuchs dead, Zero forges an alliance cods Xingke and Tianzi. One month later, Lelouch is inaugurated as the new Emperor of Britannia with Suzaku at his side.

A compilation of Code Geass: Taboo Tattoo Episode 2. Sayoko Shinozakihaving been posing as Lelouch at school, filled his schedule with dates. He mounts a rescue operation with Ohgi’s resistance cell, and as he speaks with the hostage takers, Suzaku sinks the floating hotel using the Lancelot. Euphemia fights off the Geass and has a last talk with Suzaku before dying; while Suzaku mourns over her death, V.

While Kallen watches on, Suzaku shoots Lelouch’s mask revealing his identity to the two of them. Missing an episode from. She prepares to kill animepermium to avenge her father, but hesitates when his mask falls off, revealing his identity to her. Apr 19, to Jun Black Bullet Episode 11 English.

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