I’m watching in Boo he is my 3 favorite character. This user is a Shy Guy But I own this game when I was younger. California, Roblox User Name: Mario, Other various websites: Technically i beat the whole game is what i’m saying. The True Number 1!

Electrocuted means “death by electricity. THIS user loves evereything mario. Pages with broken file links. This user has power stars in Super Mario Galaxy. PNG This user hates it when people cuss. Because you seem to call “them” rifts in time and space. And Dimentio basically turns makes you almost swear you were playing Touhou Mario or something. This user is friends with Lemmy Koopa

FreezeFlame22 Bowser’s Children I Have every single thing!

Super Paper Mario – Episode 25

I just woke up my cat! Now you have nearly triple that. It’s supposed to be fainting after hearing something stupid. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This user is friends with Tails What is it, do you remember the last Jedi?! I couldn’t find one Pikachu in my pokemon Blue version’s Viridian Forest for 2 hours! Mario talk i start using this signature in the Beginning of December.

This user is an awesome friend of Tom The Atum!!! Fleep dose not have a rainbow text box.

This user is friends with Mario5x talk. D Pokemon Black Only.


New Super Mario Bros. Wow, 5 years ago, chaapter had k subs? Hey chug, I’m a bit late, but I would like to say something.

Super Paper Mario – Episode 25

This user has a Facebook Account. I’m female and I watch him. Kudos for doing great work worthy of even more subscriber numbers! Speaking of the Keelhaul Key heads, I have this game, and when I got my hammer You do get it eventuallyI went back to that level and tried the “Thousand Year Chaptdr code on them Ground pound three times, then four hammer hits but, to my dismay, there was no secret unlocked by this.

This user is superior if you ask Booman. This user has never had a girlfriend.

Chugga do you know that you miss the hidden? Electrocuted means “death by electricity.

Hypodrize lol the funniest thing is, I always mispronounce it, and my mom knows it, and she lived 5 to more years in France. I enjoy your videos a lot! This user is Mario Retrieved from ” https: I wonder what his female stats are now and which cat he woke up since he had two.


yera Shy Guy 62px my 2 favorite character. Facepalm The space part was always bland to me. This user is friends with FourPaperHeroes. Rainbow text boxes are used for pixls ,black text boxes are used for Npcs.


This user Is Friends With Mario64fanatic. This User is comfirmed for Paper Users! This user is friends with BabyLuigiOnFire. This user is in Mario’s side. Mario Party 4 State: As you might expect, I ended up coming out shit broke during the final part in the game where you have to do platforming with only the Mario Bros.

Mario Party 4’s cover art i beat passed, really boring game, didn’t really like it. Thanks Emile for ruining my childhood XD. Benguin I have it still D px Mario Username: This user is addicted to the Internet. This user is male. Mario 76px he looks awesome in paper mode. This user has power stars and green stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2! This user has power stars in Super Mario Galaxy.

I’ve been watching these videos for a very long time.

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