This tribe is the most divided one because each of the three members has a personality that conflicts with the others sometimes. However, in the end, Luka sacrifices herself to save Tenma’s life. He also commands the robot Yuuhi using a special head piece. King Gwanggaeto The Great Episode Sazer-Tarious’ main weapon is the Falcon Bow , a bow and arrow set situated on the left wrist in place of the Knuckle Riser. The GranSazers can also perform a combination attack called “Formation Zero”. They remained dormant on Earth until the GranSazers were awakened, and reactivated the long-lost relics.

Mika later makes a cameo appearance in Justirisers Episode 35, when she injured Shouta because she thought that he was a stalker. Till I Met You Episode The opportunity finally came, and he joined his tribe members, completing the Water Tribe. Super Battle Memory The Justirisers: But as her body is beyond human medicine, Lucia would eventually die were it not for Logia saving her after she learns that he has feelings for her as well. Articles containing Japanese-language text.

He is given one last chance to redeem himself by using Cabryon as a distraction to keep the Gransazers off his back while he kills Ruby without interference. The one who is on their ChouSeiShin can change into a giant folding robot. Eventually, Misonogi reveals himself to be head of the Department of National Defense, using Horiguchi to track down the Gransazers for his country’s gain. Meteor Garden Episode Till I Met You Episode The opportunity finally came, and he chouseishinn his tribe members, completing the Water Tribe.

By the events of Justiriser, Naoto founded a granzazer where he episoee Shouta, who reminds him of Tenma. Super Battle Memory Later, while the others destroy Algol, Tarious goes after Brighton as the Garban pretend to beg for his life so he can kill Tarious with his guard down, only to be shot down by Logia. Initially hidden away in the Andes, referred as the “Great Shadow” in Peruvian legend, Chpuseishin resurfaced epksode his Guntroller is repaired and Logia controls him, planning to use Guntras’ oxygen fuel supply to collide with the Sun and trigger a nova strong enough to evaporate Earth, after killing the GranSazers first.


Not to be confused with Chouseishin Series. Its finishing move is ‘Hyper Burst’, which unleashes the full power of Guntras and the 4 ChouSeiShin combined through the laser array on its chest. He performs his finishing move, “Gravity Burst”, with them.

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To that end, he creates supports to his claim by having using Logia to destroy Crystal Slab to hide the truth and Luka to resurrect gransazzer last Eplsode to give Warp Monarch to attack Earth in full fury. Unlike his subordinates, Lucia and Radia, Logia cannot grow into a giant; instead, he summons his mecha, which is always on standby in outer space, and which Logia alone can summon. GranSazer is composed by 12 members split amongst four elements.

After being healed, Lucia learns that she is no longer to continue the mission.

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Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode 3. The Mammoth-Bosquito is destroyed by Great-Lio piloted by Lio-Sazer using the final move, Howling Crush, which the power of Gransazers, Justirisers and Sazer-X combined into the finishing attack to destroy the monster.

By the time he meets Ran, Omega regains his memories of the past and is compelled to fight Mithras, unable to kill her. In Live Mode, Dorcrus is shaped after a rhinoceros beetle and attacks with his multitude of cannons as well as with full tackles.

After Radia dies, Lucia swears to kill the Gransazers in spite of Logia ordering her not to act. Sazer-Tragos’ main weapon is the Spiral Horn, a drill arm.

But once the Crystal Lens is back in Tsubaki’s grasp, Test Subject Two turns on his creators upon being exposed to the Crystal Lens, stealing it while killing any soldier in his granszzer of escape.


They are often used to hassle the protagonists, or other duties such as supervise prisoners. The armoured suits of the Flame Tribe are all based on birds.

Despite that, he enjoys teamwork and thus was soon convinced by Ryoko that the Sazers epislde to work as one big team. After finding Ruby, Gorgion is halted by the Flame Tribe.

It can access numerous weapons, a mm dual cannon as well as two arrays of six missile launchers each. Each Sazer is based on a Zodiac sign represented in an animal totem or spirit representation.

However, going against the order, she use Accelerator to increase her power, turning into a giant version of herself in spite that that Episide long-term effect would make her into a mindless monster and eventually kill her.

Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode 6. His assistant, Mika, was awakened as Sazer Mithras.

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Everybody Cha Cha Cha Episode After the others destroy the clones, the orbs they left behind are reabsorbed into the original Bosquito as it evolves into a giant monster. The sazers Who dives in they on’s their granvehicle mode and says granvehicle launch and dives in.

Its finishing attack is called “Death Storm”, which calls forth a small tsunami.

He likes to go surfing. After having been completed as tribe and awakened their ChouSeiShin, Leviathan, they joined the other Sazers.

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