I can not wait for next two episodes. Faith holds a special place in my heart but other sageuks are so good in their own way. Park Kwang Hyun Supporting Cast. I LOVE that they are not letting us wait until last 10 minutes of episode 16 for them to be together. I love that they are off to Paris in episode There are some awesome spoiler pictures on page

He needs to understand what someone needs and be willing to come to terms with it because that is unconditional love, unlike what he did with YJ. His deliciously scheming and at first despicably smarmy Tommy Hong was a blast to watch. Ji Hyun Woo on Yo…. We had so much fun here and we almost had a heart attack watching it live at the same time we were in a chat room specially created by Onichick for us to talk about what was happening in the drama.. So by episode 3 and 4, we root for Se-kyung to triumph in the already existent social structure that will continue to churn out one materialistic girl after another, not for her to overturn it. As soon as I get back I will watch it. I felt my bones tickled pink and my heart leaped when he suddenly sneaked behind her back and purposely got that smack from her! She should have just come clean and told him she already knew, but then what are they going to do for the next 6 eps?

At the same time it takes a sharp, almost cynical, look at the current economic state of S. In fact, I will episdoe entire episode 5 again, I liked it so much. In regard to PSH… what can I say… he is a hottie!

Cham Bok Goh Chu Jin Mo — the head of the publishing company that owns all of the information about politics, economy and show business in South Korea.


You have very valid points I must say. Laughing and laughing, I love aluce about this show.

Hope your holidays are cheongdamdohg great. Also, if your pick is not on my list, do let me know in the comments. I think previews will come out tomorrow or on saturday. The last scene of Ep. Holding hands is a big deal in kdramas, you know??? The list is in no particular order. I also like his best friend, he is so funny when he realizes what is going on in the hospital. I got annoyed with her on dheongdamdong last part of episode I think SK alce gonna go through to it to the end and hurt CSJ slightly but since CSJ has already seen how loyal she is to love he will probably try to protect that loyalty and innocence that she has right to the end.

Finally watching this and it hits all the right buttons for me. Pam, I am heart broken, I just finished finally episode 7 as I had a bit of a shaky view in Australia.

Aigooo sometimes the clothes in this show makes me laugh so much as well. Btw, were you already here during the airing of the last episode of Faith?

Drama Fire | Top Korean Drama List

PSH Kdramas for me this time. Even when he was working directly against our Se-kyung I enjoyed seeing him episoode my screen. I am very easy to make laugh though. The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Viki. Oh, cheongdmadong for letting me know of these other sites, I am so new to Kdramas that I had no idea, I will run over there and join in the fun I better not break a leg while running: This is not a rom-com. Jhen I just checked viki, yeah, translations are on, OMG, my heart is pounding so fast, please wait for me, I will see it in next few hours, I have to go out and buy a bike with my hubby, oh, why does life have to interfere with my Kdrama life?


But the plot got really top-heavy, trying to fit a murder-mystery, court-intrigue, and corporate-takeovers into what began life as a rom-com. Jhen, hey girlfriend reporting: Scarlet Heart Ryeo watch full episodes here. Kim Seung Soo Supporting Cast.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

I am anxious to find out if he will be friend for foe toward Se Kyung. She sees the teddy-bear beneath, and has nothing but contempt for his money. Watched him in the Princess Man but the drama was too gory for me so I have not even watched the ending yet.

Can Na Ri get what she wants both at work and in her cheongamdong life?

I see how they are faced with each other, faced with themselves, and I am reminded cgeongdamdong million times a day we are constantly choosing, and often, we have no idea which is the right choice.

So when he is carrying her up the hill once she got drunk, his coat with furr around, that also made me laugh. Shin So Yul Supporting Cast.

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