You can’t really have it both ways, and this compromise badly mars the handsomely made Universal release, produced by Robert Wunsch and Stephen Friedman. Similarly, in Johnstown, Newman is wearing a coat as though it should be cold, but there is no snow on the ground and the trees are in full bloom. Sparkle Twin uncredited Louise Arters The only major complaint the players seem to have with him is not using any Downy when he washes the jerseys. Does that make him a fag? It depicts a minor league hockey team that resorts to violent play to gain popularity in a declining factory town.

Several games degenerate into bench-clearing brawls, including one that takes place before the opening face-off, and another that brings the local police into the locker room to arrest the Hanson Brothers. His involvement in the unfortunate Denny Pratt tragedy is still not clear to this day. We went back in the dressing room and the boys said, ‘Coach, as soon as that puck is dropped, we’re pairing up. He was a goalie for the Johnstown Jets at the time of filming. He is also a major proponent of the Swami Baha, a preacher of positive thinking. In other projects Wikiquote. The Wall Street Journal ‘s Joy Gould Boyum seemed at once entertained and repulsed by a movie so “foul-mouthed and unabashedly vulgar” on one hand and so “vigorous and funny” on the other.

Jack Carlson was originally scripted to appear in the film as the third brother, Foster, with Dave Hanson playing his film counterpart, “Dave ‘Killer’ Carlson.

In the fictional small town of Charlestown, the rosted mill is about to lay off 10, workers, indirectly threatening the existence of the town’s minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs. Upton as Allan Nicholls. Steve Hanson David Hanson Syracuse Bulldog player uncredited David Shurin One scene in the film was specifically drawn from events that occurred in Binghamton.

After discovering that the team is to be folded, player-coach Reggie Dunlop lets the Hanson Brothersthe club’s recent acquisitions, loose on their opponents. Her best two lines are, “What’s the story with that dog? Jim Carr Jeff Carlson There’s a hangover from characters sometimes.


Syracuse Bulldogs rookie goon Ogie Ogilthorpe, who was mentioned throughout the film but never actually seen until the final playoff game, was based on longtime minor-league goon Bill “Goldie” Goldthorpe. Andrew Duncan as Jim Carr The folliclely challenged radio man for the Chiefs, he is best known for his sensationally ugly rug and his child-like exuberance.

Kathryn Walker as Anita McCambridge The Chiefs’ owner who is more concerned with her balance sheet than the team itself. Blake was also a pro hockey player during filming, check out his stats courtesy of hockeydb. Jim Ahern Yvan Ponton Steve and Jeff Carlson played their Hanson brother choefs in the film. The New York Times. He doesn’t have any lines, but appears throughout the movie, and is known by most as the guy that takes out his dentures and puts them in charletsown glass.

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John Chuefs as Nick Brophy Center for the Hyannisport Presidents, Brophy is a great minor character who was a real hockey player in the ’70’s along with many others from the film.

Her last name is never explicitly stated, but we assume she is the wife of Yvon Lebrun even though she states the name “Jerry” in the context of her husband. Half the time Hill invites the audience to get off foster the mayhem, the other half of the time he decries it.

Led the Federal League in penalty minutes rostef to Dunlop exploits Braden’s marital troubles in his efforts to get him to take part in the team’s brawling, to no avail. Hockey Chieffs uncredited Bruce Kent Barclay Donaldson uncredited Cliff Thompson He uses the Swami’s techniques to transport himself into a state of oneness where nothing matters but beating the crap out of his opponent.

Check out the stats of this real life hockey player courtesy of hockeydb.


Police Officer uncredited Susan Kendall Newman Views Read Edit View history. Sparkle Twin uncredited Louise Arters The next game in the series was held in Johnstown, and the Jets retaliated by attacking the Norsemen players during the warm-ups, with a huge brawl erupting. In the film Jeff Hanson scores a goal and is hit in the face by a set of keys thrown by a fan.


Several games degenerate into bench-clearing brawls, including one that takes place before the opening face-off, and another that brings the local police into the locker room to arrest the Hanson Brothers.

Hockey Player uncredited Woody Espy His hobbies include teaching English as a second language to exchange students at the local community college moviee dressing up in chick’s clothes.

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Gene Siskel gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of four in his original print review, writing that “what rostee Shot’ does to its ultimate failure is exaggerate every one of its fine facets. He gave her the bad news that the team was for sale. Retrieved January 29, Well normal is fucked.

Charlestwon Bulldog Player uncredited Bruce Boudreau Soap Opera patient uncredited Ted McCaskill Pharmacist uncredited Joe Nolan He chooses the latter.

The Hansons then go into the stands after the fan and Jeff Hanson punches out the wrong fan. Many scenes were filmed in the Cambria County War Memorial Arena [7] and Starr Arena in Hamilton, New York, the Utica Memorial Auditorium used as “Peterborough” where the pre-game fight occurs and where a Hanson reprimands the referee for talking during the anthemOnondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, New Yorkused as “Hyannisport” where the Hanson Brothers charge into the stands to accost a fan charlestonw are subsequently arrestedand in other Johnstown locales.

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