The funniest skit he did is still the MTV cribs one. Audible Download Audio Books. But all in all – good show. He was really nasty during celebrity juice calling him a freak and everything Yes true obviously some people forget that! Even Debbie Rowe got a little reference with the name Denzel Rowe for that weird old man who had all those mannequins. I watched it, the only part I found really funny was the Billie Jean squares.

It’s a little jumpy, but watchable. Watched it last night and it was great, the accuracy of the video recreations is quite amazing, especially in Thriller. Yeah, you might have seen that there are a few clips on YouTube, but as you say, you need the full show, otherwise they’re out of context. Chamone Mo’ Fo’ Selecta. I dont think its disrespectful and Bo Selecta took the piss out of loads of celebs lol. If I wasn’t a fan of Michael I probably wouldn’t have got most of those things he included in this special. I did laugh out loud at parts of it. I found Joe’s hand hitting him very in your face also but it set the tone for what was to follow.

YI found a clip of Lenny Henry I think thats his nameand I found that more entertaining than this. I completely ignored it as thought it might be offensive. Thoughts and opinions guys? I thought that was quite clever. Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red selecfa It was pure satire. Even then, some parts where distasteful and I stopped watching.

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It pushed some boundaries but thats what comedy should do. And there is oodles of it in the show The point is that it’s MJ’s alter-ego! It did lighten it up and make me laugh when Bashir started singing Technonotice 4, posts months. It’s candid in its Search Bo Selecta Michael Jackson on youtube: I thought the first ish mins were spot on but towards the end it wore a chanone thin but even then the whole Uri Geller sketch was spot on.


LOL at “Burgandy burgandy. P and at most parts only true MJ fans would know what he was on about! When the KFC chicken bit came on I thought: He was really nasty during celebrity juice calling him a freak and everything Yes true obviously some people forget that! O so some positive comments here then. Forum

I think thats what the other poster meant by only true fans would understand this Very cleverly done! Full Cast and Crew. It’s obvious he’s a fan. Herself Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Edit Cast Credited cast: And I still think “John Landis” was hilarious, the way he kept acting up to the camera!! Anyone else at “Don’t stop till you get enough cola cubes” xD amazing “Ice cuuuuuubes, are in the backgrooooound”: The only link for the full show at the moment is the channel 4 one, which is only available UK as far as I know.

I loved the way oprah walked lol Some very good parodies. Was this review helpful to you? Audible Download Audio Books. The Billie Jean fk square thing was funny!

The second half was still good, but as it focused less on the music, it wasn’t quite as lol funny. Browse cars for sale.


Latest News BMW i8: This is some sort of psychopathic admission to The Arts created by some sort of maybe cult I’d say, or an Andy Kaufman spirit of weirdness preying on people’s recognition of absurdity or lack there-of. Just watched on 4od I think it’s seleccta disrespectful. We all know what the steak pies were supposed to represent I also think theres an element to it that wont travel well.

Think I might go for a cry now tbh x.

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To the people who were offended- Oh my god Marf 22, posts months. Okay, I pretty curious about this special although from the looks of some chamonne, it either offend some or some enjoyed it. Did u think that was funny, i thought it was awful, the majority of people on here seemed to have liked it!!! Although i must say some of it was just dumb.

Hay there this is watxh promo for it,trying to find the whole thing on youtube for u xxx http: I didn’t want to watch coz that mask looked really disgusting will it be on youtube later?

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