B — Inside or outside glazing options allow easier access for installation, repair or glass replacement. Install metal wall panels and accessories in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and approved shop drawings. Section – Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim: Designed for use with metal, brick, terra cotta or mixed-medium building envelopes, MetalWrap Series is an insulated composite back-up panel with a single panel thermal, air and moisture backup system that provides the foundation for superior performance and sustainability. Formawall Dimension Series insulated metal wall system reimagines metal by providing thermal efficiency and moisture control in a single panelized component. Vertical joints for insulated metal panels shall be gasketed, exposed wet seals are not permitted. Do not proceed with remaining work until workmanship, color, and sheen are approved by Architect.

An independent testing and inspecting agency acceptable to Architect to perform field tests and inspections and to prepare test reports. Deliver, unload, store, and erect metal wall panels and accessory items without misshaping panels or exposing panels to surface damage from weather or construction operations. For Installer firm, proof of installer’s manufacturer trained field supervisor. This segmented construction makes distinctive designs both easy and economical. C — Advanced, thermally-improved design features a thermal barrier that minimizes through-metal conductivity, enhancing energy efficiency and providing a more comfortable interior. Examine metal wall panel supports, substrates, and conditions for compliance with requirements for installation tolerances and other conditions affecting work.

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Miscellaneous Framing Components, General: Zinc-Coated Galvanized Steel Sheet: Where indicated by design designations, provide metal wall panels tested per ASTM E or UL Standard by a testing and inspecting agency acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction.


C2C certification described in paragraph below is a comprehensive sustainability certification that transcends LEED requirements to address life cycle analysis of seeies production cycle of building products.

Install clips to supports with self-tapping fasteners. Product data, including certified independent test data indicating compliance with requirements.

The Qr code includes the static URL below and will bring you back to this page if formawal, by a device like iPhone or smartphone.

This innovative design improves the integrity of the application by reducing the chance of entrapped moisture behind formawaall rainscreen, which minimizes the potential for material degradation and mold.

Exposed Fastener Profiles are extremely versatile panels that can be used as exterior or interior walls, roofs and soffits with ribs that run horizontally or vertically.

Formawall Dimension Series

Provide for thermal and structural movement. After completing portion of metal wall panel assembly including accessories and trim, test 2-bay area selected by Architect for water penetration, according to AAMA Metal Wall Panel Accessories, General: Special Panel Finish Warranty: Tests shall dinension side-joint, standard fastening and integral reveals or profiling.

Remove temporary protective films.

And the panels lightweight nature makes them easy to handle and install, and may require less framing. Natural Aggregate Texture Coat: Provide a mock-up for evaluation of surface preparation techniques and application workmanship.

North America United States. Water Penetration, Dynamic Pressure: Type recommended by metal wall panel system manufacturer for application, meeting requirements of Section Joint Sealants. Install related flashings and sheet metal trim per requirements of Section Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim.

Verify that structural panel support members and anchorage have been installed within the following tolerances:. Horizontal centrja with positive drip edge, sloped drain shelf and integral venting to the exterior along the panel length to permit moisture drainage and to allow air to enter the pressure equalization chamber.


Delete if not required.

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The following is one example of how a mock-up on a large project might be specified. DS60 2″ 51mm Horizontal Profile. Compared to traditional multicomponent wall construction, which typically requires five or more separate components, such as a rainscreen, an air barrier, exterior gypsum sheathing, fiberglass insulation and a vapor barrier, Formawall Dimension Series single panel has a factory foamed-in-place core, minimizing insulation gaps.

For sheet metal copings, flashings, reglets and roof drainage items. This product is available in: Pressure equalized Rainscreen Principle horizontal joinery provides superior weather resistance. Self-tapping screws, bolts, nuts, and other acceptable fasteners recommended by panel manufacturer.

Protect metal wall panels during shipping, handling, and storage to prevent staining, denting, or other visible cehtria. Section – Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim: DS59 3″-T 76mm Vertical Profile. A separate guide specification section is available for Formawall systems that include integrated units.

The following panel types do not meet the requirements of this Section:. Intermediate Scale Multistory Fire Test: Factory formed trimless ends, tabbed under panel horizontal shelf.

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