Which Wolfblood Are You? All Wolfblood Wolfblood – Episode 1: Jana is in the middle of a mission in her new job at Segolia when she spots two Wolfbloods in wolf form being chased through the streets. Report comment number Posted by TheMagicBadger 7 Dec Sign in to let us know.

Alric comes looking for revenge. Press and hold for more The world closes in on the Wolfblood secret. Showdown between Selina and Birdie. Posted by U 8 Mar Why did you hide them?

Wolfblood Being a teenager is hard enough. With Friends Like These. You continued the Wolfblood story Who are they, and will she able to help wollfblood

Hollywood Here I Come. Also this takes place over multiple days, does Jana come back each day or what?

Posted by U 21 Nov 8: Dances with Wolfbloods — Wolfblood, Series 2 Maddy blames herself for Shannon’s depression and hopes to make amends at the school disco Release date: What has happened to the Wolfbloods?


I think the next five episodes might start on 11th January after Eve finishes. Looking for CBeebies shows? Being a Wolfblood teenager is ten times more complicated.

Something’s gone wrong Please try again later. Why did you hide them?

Episode 1: Captivity – CBBC – BBC

Jana becomes a suspect. I can’t wait for tomorrow! Best of Both Worlds. Posted by U 9 Nov Oops you can’t see this activity! Posted by harrypotterbunny 28 Oct 9: Leave wolfbliod comment below with your theories about who The Organisation is, and what they want from Jana! Wolfblood Pumpkin There are ten episodes.

Wolfblood Secrets: The Debrief – CBBC – BBC

Number of comments Number of loves An unexpected arrival puts the wolfbloods in jeopardy and Maddy must choose sides. No thanks Looking for CBeebies shows? Jana proved that she was on to The Organisation from the moment the interrogation started, but why are they questioning her? Is the world safe from wolfbloods? I am going to miss Tom and Shan, but this series looks so good!


Wolfblood: The First Pack

This entry is now closed for comments. Series 5 will air next year.

What’s in store for the Wolfbloods? The feuds within the pack escalate when student elections are held.

Does this mean war? Why did you hide them? Will Ceri’s testimony reveal a dangerous side to wolfbloods? Sign in chbc let us know. This looks awesome can’t wait to watch this series!!!!!

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