I’ve seen the cover, and it says it’s also appropriate for “F Banjo” which I’m assuming is Frevo, or perhaps Forro? In the whole 5-minute tune, there’s only about 5 or 10 seconds at 4: Here you find a wide range of media from songbooks to DVDs and complete video courses. I’m trying to imagine what that would sound like. The little allrounder is suitable for almost every music style: This is our selection of typical Brazilian string instruments and accessories.

Anyhow, I love the thing now and sold my Weber to buy it: It’s a small community, so the buyers and sellers generally know each other from hanging out here, and you’ll probably get a good sense of whether or not the instrument is good before you have to commit. And he gives great lessons over the Internet! Charming means many different things to many different people. If I’m still breaking strings after that, then it’s a trip to the luthier. It’s not just that they are ‘charming’ and unusual.

Contact us – we are happy to help! In short, I didn’t care much for it. I found at least one Portuguese document http: That’s what made playing a bandolim so essential for me.

The were Flatbush, Weber and other arch top mandos. So far I have tried two different string sets. ROZINI also offers bandolins or the viola caipira, a string instrument which is very popular in Brazil, and of course a large variety of Cavaquinhos. The most common instrument is probably the acoustic guitar.

As for the cavaquinho- well, I already can play ukuleles with moderate proficiency, and figured that if I’m paying for shipping from Brazil I might see if I can kill two birds with one slightly larger stone. I’m playing in a Pagode band, which is mostly percussion and cavaquinhos, and I had a quick strum of a friend’s. If you are interested Seriee can make a cagaco price because it will be my first cavaquinho.


Cavaquinho Profissional – Electro-active – ROZINI

It’s not like owning a Martin pro guitar, but for a cheap instrument, it plays well and stays in tune. I am a big Forro fan.

TIA for any thoughts on this. Berimbau viola – casado Mestre Negao.

In the meantime, since my return last August, we’ve been out twice or three times a week playing, a surprisingly regular mix of rodas along with one proper formal gig, a film festival gala. Yes, and getting back to the topic at hand It’s an amazing country. Seems it’s either cheap off Profisisonal or expensive stuff I can’t afford. Hamilton wagged his finger, shook his head no, and said the mandolin is a melody instrument. That’s a helluva lot harder than just strumming away, but it does sound much better.

I like choro music very much and part of that is the unique timbre of the instruments.

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Some F5-players that I know can only sneer at me now, because I strayed from the right path.: The highs can be very ‘brilliant’. Is yours rosewood or maple back and sides? Post some sound clips when you can.


You might even remember it, Marcos. So, I have two, but only one is playable at the moment. You don’t see them in the States too often. When will it be playable?

I had emailed her about her new method book and she just mentioned she had profissionsl one which she was no longer playing much since she got a new bandolim. Thanks in advance for any advice- I’ve almost hauled off and ordered a Giannini cavaquinho a couple times but I’m forcing myself to wait for some sage advice.

Man, I was almost going to buy one just to have but I realized that I have two bandolims that need fixing and the money would prob be better spent there. I’m pretty sure that even the octave mandolin is an extreme rarity in Brazil, and that mandocellos are an almost complete unknown. Mine belonged to Marilynn Mair.

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Feel free to contact me directly if you have more questions. Cracking nut needs replacement, and I do too though, looking to add a pickup to itAnd yes, I would love a cavaquinho too, but life is short.

Hi Doug, I am really glad to hear you are playing the barros bandolim and enjoying it.

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