I was hooked immediately with claymore. Then again, in that VN, that’s the point when characters start getting killed off, to make the main character suffer as much as possible. A Adiktus sa Anime members. Kizaru Fanclub 3 members. The situations are predictable, but since it’s a short series, it is nice to watch them, and they don’t become boring. What is it about? D In fact, I just finished a speedpaint of her – well, more of a speed-colour.

Keep watching, you still got to go in a bit more, but once you do it’s epic. Der objektive iGralex-Fanclub 10 members. Sadly for you, that’s not anime. Tetsuya Kakihara Fanclub 31 members. Claim A Bishie Club members. Imo DXD is a lot better than Rosario, in action and comedy, but I’ll let you conclude that on your own when you finish S1.

Scrumdiddlyumptious Food in Anime 13 members. Or you could have read Gantz when wnimeultima was still running and wasted about 4 years waiting for the manga to finish in the worst possible way. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop watching all these shows now Some of my fav. You can not find a better song to fit the following AMV better.

I wrote a very angry review on MAL. Could have ended on chapter or whatever or it was when they finally did it and I would have been completely okay with that. Over drive is pretty entertaining [img]http: I want to think that it was, I really do, but i really didn’t feel it.


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Roronoa Zoro Fan club 15 members. The Crusaders members. That scene with “her” father talking to Levi, hit me hard.

Because I got those feels almost 2 years ago. Which girl would you pick out of the 4? Straw Hat Pirates 29 members.

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Alright I’m back guys. Mississauga Anime Club 2 members. It was actually really awesome as opposed to the rather eeeeeeeh first episode. Did not expect them to be there. We all know that after WTFman you’re the most homo who’s we?

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You know the funny thing is, a lot of time, the fansubs are a lot better animeultimaa the official products. I totally love Bleach. The Always Hungry Characters Club members.

Kappei Yamaguchi at All 88 members. Crazy Cards Club 91 members. Straw Hat Pirates Fanclub 55 members. I love zombie infested malls.

Germany Fantasy Animes 5 members. But he is needed for that Eren,Mikasa and Armin group dynamic. Aanimeultima made it to episode something, but I decided to stop when I realised that I hadn’t been paying attention at all for the last 20 or so episodes.


Dudes personality isn’t alpha at all.

Japanese fans are some of the greatest fans out there. How dare you devalue Nagisa like that, you whore: Well Claymore was a short series and epic from the start. The Best Anime PL 4 members.

D And my favourite moment for her is either when she repeatedly kidnaps Hanyu, or the door scene in the fourth episode I know what she said was probably a hallucination, but it was creepy all the same: It’s this story about a school where girls fight with swords just because.

Bartholomew Kuma Fanclub 10 members.

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