The company encourages owners to register their new boilers, but it is not necessary for the warranty to be in effect. Installation was a bit of a pain, it took my guys a few days. They came out and replaced the Hiney ignition module and it fired right up. We have never had any issues with our boiler. I couldn’t be happier. Got it, continue to print. J Strehlow Years owned: Low Water Cut Off X.

It seems like it will last forever. The boiler was about 7 years old when it developed a leak. He said that has dealt with Burnham for years and that they would replace it under warranty. A local plumber confirmed a hairline crack in the block. Just hooked up the vent pipe and it was good to go. Don’t have an account?

When it comes down to it, all we’re really concerned with in a boiler is that it does its job effectively and doesn’t break down, and the Series 2 is seriee five-star boiler in that regard.

Table Of Contents The following terms are used throughout this manual to bring attention to the presence of hazards of various risk levels, or to important information concerning product life.

Burnham 2PV Series Installation, Operating And Service Instructions

If boiler is used in connection with refrigeration systems, boiler must be installed with chilled medium Design and install boiler and system piping to prevent oxygen contamination of boiler water.

I personally think boilers in general are too expensive – I paid bucks for my Burnham P a few weeks ago. After over two years with it, I haven’t experienced a single problem. Danbury, CT Satisfaction Rating: Page 25 Table 7: I never had a need for anyone to come and work on it because it works wonderfully. My Burnham Series 2 is quiet, reliable, quickly heats water, no problems, all good so far! The ventilation system fit right into that of the old bhrnham that it replaced sseries a 5″ single-wall aluminum vent.

The Series 2 is a gas-fired boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger. North Idaho Satisfaction Rating: It has been a fantastic furnace and I would buy it again if i had to have another furncae however I would also like to find something that doesnt take up so much room.


Water Piping and Trim Space heating and domestic water heating with Alliance water heater.

Burnham Series 2 Boilers

I love that it heats my house quickly. Baltimore, MD Satisfaction Rating: Bought it online since Home Depot and Lowe’s had ridiculous prices. Do yourself burnahm big favor and do a better job of researching before you get a Burnham. I’ve found my simple old-school Burnham cast iron boiler to be very vert reliable.


I replaced with another Burnham boiler the Series 2. I had it install 17 years ago. The reason I didn’t give it “Very Satisfied” is because it is a power hog. A few days ago, the temperature in the house would drop to 9 burnnam or so below the thermostats setting before the unit would kick in.

Horizontal Through Wall Vent Installation. Got it, continue to print. When the panels were removed, the chambers had large cracks in them and every time the furnace would cycle, pints of water would come out.

All above ground gas piping upstream from manual shut-off valve must be electrically continuous and bonded to a grounding electrode. I dislike how big it is, it takes up a lot of space. Burnham Gasketed Vent Joint Detail 2.

Burnham Series 2 Boiler

Page 12 Maximum support spacing is 5 feet. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The price was also a plus. J Strehlow Years owned: Replace canopy and seal using kit available from Burnham Distributors, Part No. No way this furnace should have failed. We have never had any issues with our boiler. The experts do mention that Burnham offers some more efficient models, but the Series 2 is considered very reliable, and does not often need repairs.

My zip code is: Stay as far away zeries this company as you CAN. In the end, well worth the money. Otherwise, if cold water from the floor pipes before they warm up enters the boiler it causes condensation, which causes rust, which causes leaks and metal or electrical failures.


I couldn’t be happier. System Start-up Safe operation and other butnham criteria were Prepare to check operation. I like that it is efficient and hadnt given me any problems at all. We had to buy a used furnace to make it through the winter until we could convert to gas. The best thing about this boiler is how dead-quiet it has been when compared with my last boiler. They came out and replaced the Hiney ignition module and it fired right up. See Figure 2 for minimum clearance from combustible material for closet installation.

Other Series 2 Reviews A homeowner writes in to diychatroom.

Several contractors mention that Burnham has more efficient models than the Series 2, but a trustworthy technician can help you decide which model is the best for your application. So no new holes were required in the roof or wall, no new chimney lining was needed, etc. Of course all our contractors are busy, but one will be coming on Sunday – we have been blessed with warm weather this fall in North Idaho, so the temps haven’t gone below freezing much yet and have actually been able to keep our house warm with radiant oil heaters until then.

I’ve never had to call a service technician to have it repaired or had any problems with this unit. Boiler area must be clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other 6.

At this time there is nothing I dislike about it.

I also had a hot burnhsm heater installed with this unit and they have both worked without any break downs. Design system to provide adequate gas Table 2 for maximum capacity of Schedule 40 pipe.

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