Aracnarissa added it to Ended 28 shows. I like these people. The writing is very sharp and witty, and the supporting cast are all very good though all three of them are to some extent stereotypes, so that little subtlety is required of them , but Gellar is several dozen orders of magnitude beyond them, and qualifies as one of the most perfect pieces of casting ever. Tara later explains that she would have preferred that they had simply come to her, proving that she has the potential to become a true leader of the people, but is she ready to make the hard choices when they come up? These episodes mark epic moments, but they also remind us how much we truly connect to these characters, even after all this time. Mike Taylor May 15, at

Willow was a geek and also an all powerful witch, Faith was a killer but was also vulnerable, Anya was a demon who also was a doting girlfriend. Picking on poor pathetic Cordy? Tara later explains that she would have preferred that they had simply come to her, proving that she has the potential to become a true leader of the people, but is she ready to make the hard choices when they come up? Nix May 15, at Aracnarissa added it to Ended 28 shows. You should watch this series if you haven’t. You may never be able to lead a human life again. The girl who was so motivated and talented, but she is still in there somewhere, as we finally get a glimmer of hope.

Sykes and Shauna was revealing. Notify me of new posts via email. This entry was posted in Binary searchBuffy. He feels used, but Daryl tries to make him understand that Lydia could be dangerous and that they need to find out as much Intel as they can. Self Reliance and the Strength Within. How I Met Your Mother.


Mike Taylor May 15, at Her lines come out with as much ease as water from a rock. Her friends are definitely what makes this show amazing.

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Sykes a visit in her mind and tells her that she wants to take everything that matters to her and when she has everything, she wants to know what she tastes like.

Some honorable bffy before revealing my number one episode of Angel are: Charisma Carpenter is a bad actress. He jeopardised his job by standing up to the patriarchal system that episoode him her Watcher and pretty much tortured her, he was willing to die and kill for her and took all of her friends under his wing as well.

I want things to work out for them. Skip makes it so she never bumped into Angel at the party in LA and she ends up becoming famous with her own show, Cordy! In this episode, fans get their wish and Cordelia returns. It was a testament to her character and what she meant to Buffy, her friends slayeer also to the show and its fans.

I think we need Carol to return as soon as possible and it looks like we eoisode see her next week, as I would personally love to see a face-off between Carol and Alpha.

The Xander character was so stereotypical and far too weak for far too long by human standards that it reeked of intentional script tweaking to not overshadow the female characters. Every girl who could have the power, will have the power. Have a Ship that you think is absolutely swoon-worthy? This site uses cookies. Mike Taylor May 14, at There was as lot of fun throughout it, but my heart went out to Fiona.


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Show runners have admitted it and done their best to learn from it with future shows paving the way for awesome characters like Zoe Washburne from Firefly and Saeson May from Agents of Shield who are both similar in characteristics to Buffy but also women shksh colour.

Bridgette has been preparing for a home birth, but Tutu reminds her that there are no life saving devices at home and tries vanpire get her to go to the hospital. Season 7, Episode 21 – End of Days Feb 25, Grown men who watch a show featuring teenage girls are probably paedophiles. There is only one thing standing in her way, her destiny. So — demonize me already. If nothing else, Hannigan has better taste in projects, e.

Things to Make and Do, part 6b: Aracnarissa added it to Ended 28 shows. Something I find amusing is how little I care about Buffy in comparison to her supporting characters.

She can say a whole world without even opening her mouth, conveying rich cocktails of conflicting emotions. The long-overdue serious attempt at The Silmarillion, part 3: Lydia initially remembers her father being killed by a walker, but later reveals that it was her mother who killed him.

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