Absolutely loved the way Kang Joo still went after her after knowing the truth. The family that runs Taeyang has been under a curse for years. Kang Joo is walking out but decides to turn around and pick another fight. They need to work together on their future. Does he want Doo Rim? He knows Yi Hyun cares a lot for her, does she feel the same way about him? His wife claims its nothing like that.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Beginning of the episode, I was feeling down bec both leading is in pain. She risked her life to be with him so why is she not telling him the truth. Kang Joo comes home and passes Yi Kyung who is leaving. Thanks so much for the recap, Ms Koala. Kang Joo asks if she even has a heart? Plus they asked other customers to leave!

How is this love? Now it is his turn to do the same for her in the next 2 eisodes. I watched it twice already. He asks if this is her true self and wonders how Choi Kang Joo could be mesmerized by a woman like her?

Bride of the Century Episode 12 Recap

Way to go drama. Yoon Sang Ho Artist s: He wants her to go inside with him now ths reveal everything to his dad.


Doo Rim is running a business so Kang Joo tosses money at her to close up the shop so they can keep talking. Roo Mi asks if Doo Rim will regret it? The two moms and Yi Kyung are sitting at the press conference and everyone is waiting for Dramacooll Joo to arrive. Bride Of The Century – Episode How is making him feel like a stupid helping? Good gracious centuey this an unexpected turn of events culminating in a wholly awesome episode of Bride of the Century.

Now on to the final!

Yi Kyung is annoyed and gives Roo Mi the usual death glare. She can sell herself for money and sadly she was the first person he gave his heart to in his life. Roo Mi yells at Kang Joo for the scene he pulled back there and using her as a side character.

She ignores it and it goes to voicemail.

Bride of the Century Episode 12 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Kang Joo pulls up outside the family compound and pulls Doo Rim from the car. And worst, KangJoo saw DooRim hugging oppa and walk away sadly. The Taeyang Corporation is the largest conglomerate in South Korea. Kang Joo grabs her hand asks if she is aware of what she did!


She begs him to let go because she needs to leave now. She forces herself to smile and look pleased. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode New Tales Of Gisaeng Episode Thanks ockoala, my weekend is perfect with botc. She pulls her arm from his hand and walks away while he looks utterly pained.


The restaurant allows people to sample the food first and cancel, so he merely exploited that loophole. She was a person playing another. I get the gist of everything when watching Raw, but its not the same until you do the drqmacool and all the missing links add up. Poor KangJoo and DooRim.

She needs to tell him now who she is. In the last 2 episodes it was DR that was trying to convince KJ that she loves him and will do anything to protect him.

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