Subscribe to our newsletter Stay up to date with the latest post and updates. This watch provides a solid answer. The energy stored in the mainspring barrel of the reference and its high level of workmanship keep the watch running for 60 hours. The angles on the bridges, the Geneva waves are there — but they are not the super deep, rich level of finishing one might expect from a watchmaker of this caliber. This allows the Breguet to measure a 20th of a second. I think some of it has to do with the fact that Swatch views Breguet as the jewel within the group of brands and they are fearful of over-exposure. Subscribe to our newsletter?

To be honest I am not sure. The rose gold case has a sapphire-crystal case-back displaying the movement. Geneva stripes one the bridges, circular graining on the main plate and polished bevelled angles. The concept is simple: And that is why this watch is so special to the watchmakers in us — but how much does it cost and what’s it like to wear it? That’s fine, and even expected, because that is how A-L Breguet himself built watches. For the 1st time it oscillates at a frequency of 10 Hz. So when a shock occurs, the magnets automatically re-center the balance staff.

The face is completed with blued steel hands – and one silicon hand.

Breguet 7727BR/12/9WU

Okay, on to the movement. This hand takes two seconds for one full rotation, and it’s actually on the escape wheel of the movement. Also on the dial is the time and a power reserve indicator. Breguet is here to play, and produce absolutely fascinating watches today.

The concept is simple: The watch is very svelte, with the welded lugs holding your wrist nicely. Talking Watches With Gary Shteyngart. Hand-wound movement with running seconds. No clue if that is possible. The high frequency nature of the watch allows for, in theory, far more precise operation.


Classique Chronométrie | Breguet

You may also enjoy these. Why The Matters. Compare this watch to something like a Laurent Ferrier Microrotoror even a Lange 1and I think you’ll see what I mean.

Breguet is sometimes difficult to understand, even from my position as both a collector and professional journalist covering this space.

The power-reserve indicator is at 5 o’clock. It has 60 hours of power reserve and a silicon balance spring and escapement. Because the hairspring and escapement are in silicon, they are not effected by any magnetic fields.

Keeping your purchase safe and secure. The top endstone of the features a micro-magnet that hold the balance staff in artificial gravity. That is a lot, people. The magnetic pivots of this watch not only remove any concerns about magnetism in this movement, but also by incorporating a powerful micro-magnet in each of the two end stones supporting the balance pivots, Breguet has designed a dynamically stable system that re-centers or self-adjusts after a disturbance.

Results 1 to 1 of 1. The hours and minutes are off-center on the dial, while the small seconds at 12 o’clock recall the first eccentric dial produced by Breguet years ago.

Artistic Crafts clasdique Kari Voutilainen Hisui. You might also be interested in: How is this possible? Instead I found bdeguet company that is innovative, creative, and thoughtful — a company that can produce a watch that does this:.

The watch case is 41mm wide and relatively thin. Again, many tout Breguet as the ultimate watchmaker, and that includes Breguet themselves, but the level of finishing here is simply not in the realm of the top tier. But the dial, oh dear!


View this watch on a wrist. The dial is ornate, as we’ve come to expect from Breguet. I consider this cool new Breguet watch as one of the neatest new pieces in their collection. It also means that the friction on the balance staff pivots is pretty much the same no matter what position the watch is in. Magnetic pivots allow the balance staff to float in artificial gravity. Let’s get into what I mean. Breguet doesn’t publish those details, but I have a feeling that the should be at least appreciably more accurate than lower frequency movements.

A higher frequency means greater inertia in the balance wheel, and consequently more stable timekeeping. On top of the Breguet’s incredible magnetic properties, this watch uses experimental silicon components that allow the watch to weigh less, be even more immune to magnetism, be longer lasting, and more flexible.

Let’s take a look at some of the external physical traits of this internally interesting watch. We have a 41 mm case that is water resistant to 30 meters. So when a shock occurs, the magnets automatically re-center the balance staff.

Breguet Classique Chronométrie 7727 – detailed Hands-on (live photos, specs and price)

Maybe a little like a tourbillon? Approximately two years ago, I was invited to visit the Breguet manufacture in Switzerland. How does all that relate to accuracy? Keeping your purchase safe and secure Trusted Checkout:

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