Katrine and Hanne Holm have become good colleagues, united in their daily battles with their boss, Michael Laugesen, about their journalistic principles. Birgitte suspects a mole and a trap reveals that Nete is the betrayer. Much to the dismay of many, Mr Christensen seems determined to resist his former wife’s charms. He diverts them by providing evidence that North Kharun has been cheating the South out of oil revenues, information that threatens the talks once again. When her mother calls her an irresponsible parent, Katrine refuses further child-care help. I’d demand a sandwich like this in payment. Kasper suggests leaking information about Amir’s ownership of a vintage car, but the press reaction goes far beyond what she had intended, culminating in the Greens pulling out of the coalition and Amir resigning as an MP.

Laugesen wants to print them, but Katrine is skeptical. It was another spin on Nyborg’s line about professional politicians from the opening series — which now seems like a most extraordinary thing for the prime minister to have said, given her determined grip on power and attempts to keep an unruly coalition in line. The proposal is dismissed after revelations that the pressure group behind the bill amassed many subsidies through fraud. Despite being signposted practically from space, this was very well done. Katrine takes Birgitte to her family pig farm to meet her brother for first-hand information. Meanwhile, Katrine has split from Kasper and is raising their son with her mother’s assistance. She soon realizes that the real cause for their revolt is because they remain loyal to Laugesen, now editor-in-chief at the tabloid Ekspres. While we of course saw a partnership self-destructing, we also glimpsed family interaction that was really beautifully written and played out.

I’m hoping he does manage to videobulk to the series. She fails on a close vote and plans to form a new party.

Luckily though not for Birgitte he had another card viideobull his sleeve, but he must surely be furious at Katrine’s actions. In the final debate on TV1, Kruse is put under pressure by Birgitte about his manifesto and eventually lashes out against her and does not manage to recover from this mistake.


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Meanwhile Birgitte is told that she has precancerous cells in her breast and must have treatment immediately. Meanwhile, pressure grows on the home front, where Phillip has a new girlfriend. The politicians The Labour storyline this week was fascinating.

Birgitte, using wording suggested by her conversation with Kasper, wins the debate by one vote. Despite being signposted practically from space, this was very well done.

Presumably if they run out of money, she and Katrine can just sell their massive scarf wardrobes. He then writes a rousing speech that calls on Danes to pull together as a team, which Birgitte delivers to widespread praise.

Hanne, to bofgen drunken Katrine: When her mother calls her an irresponsible parent, Katrine refuses further child-care help. It was interesting how quickly competition with Hoxenhaven came to a head. This blog is for people watching Borgen on BBC4.

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Torben defies Alex over the use of graphic images in the story, risking his job. Marrot’s working-class principles appear outdated in the new coalition environment and he is forced to ssason.

Brgen, Katrine’s source agrees to appear on television and tell his story, only to pull out at the last moment when he is threatened with the exposure of past misdeeds. The Labour storyline this week was fascinating.

While removing evidence of Katrine’s presence after sending her home, Kasper finds a receipt among Ole’s papers showing that Hesselboe made extravagant purchases for his wife in London using his government credit card.

She also courts the Greens with the new Ministry of International Development Hesselboe had offered her. Meanwhile, as Kasper and Katrine hunt for an apartment, they argue about their having children. It has a certain ring …. She initially decides to keep it, despite Kasper urging her to terminate the pregnancy; only an awkward graveside exchange with Ole’s widow convinces her that abortion is the right option. Will we ever see it in full flow?


Birgitte suspects a mole and a trap reveals that Nete is the betrayer.

Borgen: series two, episodes three and four

British conference centres are not white and romantic and by the sea. Katrine finds out and is furious with Torben, and resigns to stand up for journalistic integrity.

Full marks videobbull the hair continuity people — shows such as this take months to make, and yet the length of Katrine’s fringe remains exactly the same at all times.

After a slightly slow start last week, Borgen really kicked into life with this double-bill. War is politics with bloodshed” – Mao Zedong An official visit by the president of former Soviet republic Sesson makes headlines when the president demands the arrest of a prominent political activist visiting Denmark at the same time.

Birgitte pleads with the Chinese, apparently to no avail, but they relent and the talks continue. Borgen is set in Copenhagen. Laugesen, backed by seaso other left-wing parties, demands that she step down and recommend him to take her place, offering her the Foreign and Justice Ministries along with minor portfolios.

Retrieved from ” https: Ultimately she decides to join the Blue coalition, and the series ends with Birgitte on her way to Borgen as the new minister of foreign affairs.

Viddeobull wouldn’t much like to be in Birgitte’s shoes now — presumably Laugesen will try to pressure her over various policies — or indeed Katrine’s. Kasper Juul seeks to find a review copy of the book so he prepare for its claims.

Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episodes three and four of the second season — and if you’ve seen further in the series, please do not leave spoilers.

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