Was great fun playing spot the locations, and a bonus that they had native speakers voice the locals. It is a show you can watch and just smile for twenty minutes. This leads to Hanabi and Mugi getting involved into a lot of sexual situations all while pretending that their partners are someone else. A taxi of London! I would have loved to see the bidding war for this show. Coincidentally, I took a nap outside today.

Idol Incidents is yet another idol anime, except this time the idols are also Japanese diet senate members. What does this all mean? Mio is just awesome. There is also quite a bit of sexual imagery typically not depicted in anime. And if you landed to this page by accident, probably in search for ecchi stuff, then you should regret to have hit this page. Yui swapped into pants while Ritsu went with shorts. It is distracting and unnecessary and feels like someone just discovered Adobe After Effects and wants to put in all the effects.

Andohbytheway, go go US. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Mio has a duffel and her bass. Expected the double with some nekomimi. What has replaced them?

Like why not have 24 end the series and have 25 and 26 fall where they should have fallen? Mio’s stalker fan club?


Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. Almost as good as pugs. Forum – an Evangelion Fan Community

movle Irashaimasen Welcome to Bokutachi no Blog. The main character finds her guitar by following a trail of stickers to am abandoned pawn shop. The plot is as low calorie and nonsensical as these shows typically are. Or how to make this annoying 3D gimmick to go away?

Seiren is a template harem anime directed by Tomoki Kobayashi SolaTears to Tiara that tries to copy Amagami SS with the omnibus format where each heroine gets her own arc. Or is being entertained important? Two, none of the characters of Seiren are as interesting as the Amagami cast.

A pink wig, several tubes of glitter and body paint, a sheer stockings, and a pair of glowing earrings. Movle is wearing normal pants. Ritsu tossing the dice… if K-On!! This scene is just a wonderful barbiturate.

But, to back up Xard a little, I swear that while I was standing at an intersection in Shibuya yesterday, I heard a high school girl behind me make a comment about Azu-nyan. Loved Krauser showing up. Gabriel DropOut is a prodigal story about the evils of f2p online games.

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Thank goodness this is only 13 episodes long. But not necessarily moving in normal ways. I said it was shitty. Now that I reread it, it could count as a Macross Frontier reference too. This show sends a lot of bad messages.


LWA and maid dragon is pretty great, good to know that maids are still the best. That is the importance of editing: My phone is open to you anytime. Remember how I mentioned that I wanted a good template harem anime a few shows ago? While performing a song on stage. She then feels such a connection to a s guitar that looks kinda like a star if you squint hard enough that she tries to steal it. I cant wait for the second episode.

Breasts are fondled in a real-world way. Maybe it will blogzuki good, but it seems like an explosion went off or something. The ending is absolutly awesome.

You know what is awesome to middle schoolers? Gundammit, I never really thought highly of K-ON until this episode. In a five minute span, I counted no twenty uses of a lens flare.

Toning down the moe is highly doubtful at this time.

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