I was briefly excited when Mari was the first to discover the secret, but then in the course of ten minutes, everybody found out. I’ve been faked out by a gaining conscious Gong Yoo so many times before, I’m not even holding my breath at who he is. I felt that his neglect had been ongoing, and her lack of confidence in him as a groom was evident. Manager Park refuses, lecturing Ki Joon on his responsibilities over a series of World Group enterprises. She found out she love him and they already confess to each other right? Does anyone of you here knows how much is it???

I pretty much hate everybody. Why are you two not making out like bunnies in heat in the backseat of that car? Make wishes on Then times that by a googleplex of googleplexes. And I would be sad if that will be the case. Give us characterization, psyche, explanation.

We’ve seen her agree not to go on a date because her “adopted” teenage son asked her not to and she wasn’t really upset. Many actresses would have totally broken character and ruined the shot with an NG. Aquila July 17, at 4: YJ, for the love of God, is definitely not on the guest list.

Please lord tell me Kang Ji Hwan added that line, please! But… does he have designs right back? She’s been telling Mari the vramacrazy. Actually, it rathers proves that she isn’t in love with Yoo Jae anymore. I’m imagining how the Doctor the fiance is cheating with is gonna deal with a young boy telling her he’s her lover.


Lie to Me Episode 14 Recap

August 14, at 9: Oh god, this is killing me. No one knows, in the drama I mean, what I read with the English subtitles was, “is this body really ill? Dramcarazy Ri did get some sympathy based on her age and what I feel is her real engg for Kyung Joon. Excellent interpretation and I think spot on in why Kyung Joon is in no hurry to go back to his own form.

I need to improvise, besides, he also shy.

JoAnne I heard that the real Suzy is sweet. I loved it because of Yeh ang GY and story was great too. Ki Joon, tears falling from his eyes, steps forward and pulls her into his embrace. This happened to my sis is law.

That no matter what I do, that I come first! In a dream, Da-ran walks down a hall, where Kyung-joon is standing at the end, bathed in light. I have to agree that the twin scenario definitely adds an interesting twist to this crap-hole situation. And it got me wondering, if Gong Yoo is supposed to be 19? Well it is a korean drama after all. It would be a twist on the Big ending and body switches.

Devil Beside You –

She doesn’t expect much back from him. This drama is an Hong Sister drama, so people, forgive the angst. T But I also do not believe that YJ is doing anything good. The prison cell scene was just And I already can’t stand the female doctor – and she hasn’t really done anything yet except crumple up the photograph which I thought was pretty daft. I believe this is where the 2 souls switched bodies. Or just a warm parent-child relationship would be nice.


Episode 14

Please accept me into your heart. She’s caring, sweet, but lacks confidence and unsure of herself. Peipei Truth being told, borrowing Ai Wei words: No Vincenzo for me Eric is my guy.

That’s my Dream Ending. Hence why she begged the mother to hold on to him no matter what and beg his forgiveness.

Watch Korean Drama: Big Ep 13 Eng Sub

But then on the wide shot, they show two shadows walking away from them to the right. It’s actually quite clever I find it odd though that there are so, so many more stories with the older woman – younger man pair than vice versa. I can’t wake my family, now can I? She’s not going to say this.

That’s a pretty full character background for a second lead.

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