As they are getting married, Runjhun begins to remember. Rajju happily starts distributing sweets to everyone, little realising that it is his money that Guddu has snatched from Runjhun. Finally, Guddu tells Runjhun to clean his entire club, only then will he return the money. Rajju hands the horoscope to Mittho and goes away. Will Runjhun’s love be victorious over the conspiring relatives? She tells Vishnu that Amma will never let Mahadevi get married before Runjhun, and if Runjhun’s image gets tarnished, no one will ever marry her. Runjhun is an orphan who has lived with her maternal grandmother, three uncles, their wives and children since she was a child. However, he gets shocked when Amma tells him to get Runjhun married first as she is elder to Mahadevi.

Lakhan feigns to be apologetic and expresses his desire to meet Runjhun. Soon, Runjhun finds herself in a dilemma when the cop interrogates her. However, Runjhun remains cheerful and ready to do any work. Inspite of this, she is treated very rudely and selfishly by her uncles and aunts who shamelessly exploit her. The next day, Amma gets shocked when Lakhan calls her and demands more money in order to keep Runjhun’s horoscope a secret. Retrieved from ” https: Later, Runjhun gets shocked when she overhears her aunts gossiping that Amma would die of shame as she has not yet found an alliance for Runjhun.

Later, everyone in the Pandey family gets elated when the boy’s family arrives to see Runjhun. Poor Runjhun finds herself in a dilemma as she is sure that Guddu ,ast not oblige! Vishnu and Kalsanwali allege that Guddu tried to molest Runjhun. Meanwhile, back in the Pandey mansion, Kalsanwali bhaonwali shocked when she sees Amma going towards Runjhun’s room. Mittho then tries to bhahonwali, but Amma quickly snatches it from her. Runjhun’s place and role in the house is that of an unpaid servant who runs errands and helps in the three kitchens of the house.

Amma is shocked when she comes to know of this and immediately rushes to Guddu’s club. Runjhun is shocked when she finds a tattered poster in front of her gate. Later, Amma gets tensed when Lakhan phones her.


Guddu asks Vishnu to make the payment by the next day and leaves. Abhigyan, who has arrived in the meantime, gets shocked to see the commotion. She feels that the horoscope must have fallen somewhere and starts searching for it.

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Finally, Lakhan and his wife manage to sneak out with Runjhun, who unwillingly accompanies them. She takes the horoscope to everyone to know what it is, but no one entertains her. Meanwhile, Guddu forbids his friends from doing anything which may harm Runjhun’s image and tells them that he himself will settle scores.

Runjhun is shocked when Guddu stops her way and forces her to call Vishnu. Kalsanwali and Billo are very elated as they now know Amma’s secret.

Guddu stops Runjhun and forcibly takes the money. Rajju and Vishnu chide Lakhan and decide to thrash him, but get surprised episod Lakhan tells them that Amma had asked him to take Runjhun. Everyone in the Pandey family, including Vishnu, is shocked to see Guddu. However, Abhigyan apologises to Amma and humbly tells her that he cannot marry until he is well-settled. Lakhan is shocked when Amma tells him that bhagonawli has found Runjhun’s original horoscope. Amma gets very furious and chides Mittho.

The next day, Bantu tells Billo to hide her ornaments as he fears that Guddu may barge in their house again if Vishnu fails to make the payment. However, Kalsanwali’s young daughter, Babli, finds it and gets curious to know about it. Mittho tells Kalsanwali and Billo eipsode Mahadevi’s alliance has been called off and holds Runjhun responsible for this.

Lakhan feigns to be apologetic and expresses his desire to meet Runjhun. He also offers his ring to Runjhun, much to Guddu’s chagrin.

At the same time, all the daughters-in-law of the Pandey family are at loggerheads with each other. Later, Amma forbids Runjhun to do any work and asks her to take some rest so that the wound on her hand gets healed faster.

Runjhun goes to her room and keeps it in Kalsanwali’s bag. The next day, Kalsanwali and Billo get shocked to see Mittho talking very nicely to Runjhun.


Bhagonwali – Baante Apni Taqdeer

Sedial, her own life is riddled with misfortune and eipsode work because of her circumstances. He disconnects the line, which makes Kalsanwali suspicious. While returning, Amma gets hit by a cycle rickshaw. Guddu then asserts that as he had tried to molest Runjhun, no one will ever marry her. The priest also takes Amma to their house and Amma is elated when the alliance is fixed, little realising that it is a ploy of her daughters-in-law to humiliate her and play with her sentiments.

Kalsanwali gets shocked and tells Vishnu that she is not used to doing household chores. However, Lakhan is taken aback when Amma feigns to be shocked and lwst everyone that Lakhan is lying. Rajju happily starts distributing sweets to everyone, little realising that it is his money that Guddu has snatched from Runjhun.

Later, Amma goes to the temple and prays to God to help her to epixode a suitable alliance for Runjhun. Lakhan feels relieved when Amma tells him to take Runjhun while the entire family is busy in the party.

Everyone is shocked when Amma asks them to give two lac rupees for Runjhun’s engagement and walks away. Her relatives finally accept her and the family is reunited in a happy ending. Rajju, Vishnu and their brother, Bantu are busy with their work, while Mittho, Kalsanwali and Bantu’s wife Billo are busy grooming themselves. Runjhun throws Guddu a challenge that she will turn him into a good husband and human being.

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The series premiered on 6 December Bhagonwali was an Indian daily soap opera that aired on Zee TV. Runjhun does not like this and asks Amma to let her do work, but Amma remains adamant. Runjhun’s aunts plot against her and get her married to a local goon Guddu Shukla who agrees to live with them.

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