Natalie is sent packing after starting the fight, and Redd is sent packing for physically attacking Natalie and biting her arm. Log in No account? Originally Posted by FierceIntensions. Rima decides to try and attack Judi when she comes out onto stage, leading to her getting kicked off the reunion. Las Vegas Bad Girls Club 4: The Bad Girls return to Los Angeles, except Julie, who didn’t want to come, Natalie, who couldn’t come, and Redd, who was not allowed to come. The Futon Critic Press release. The original nine “Bad” Girls of season thirteen left to right:

Jada – weak sauce!!! Mexico Julie so perf pic. Lmao Flo and her psycho ass. Jada destroys Camilla’s camera sparking in a huge argument on the way back home from Hawaii. Retrieved November 4, The Girls who will soon arrive at the Los Angeles mansion for season 13 are introduced, though they come from different seasons and backgrounds, they all have one thing in common, they are seeking redemption. Retrieved December 3, Some of them seem to regret it afterwards.

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cs A lot of girls are friendly, I think. List of Bad Girls Club episodes. Redemption Island Survivor Quick Navigation Bad Girls Club Jada – weak sauce!!!

The episode picks up with Tanisha yelling at Jada and Rima. Rocky and Jada continue to feud with Sarah and Judi.

Isn’t she the one who posted a pic of their s13 contract lol. Las Vegas Bad Girls Club 4: I dont know if jda wants to embarrass herself like she did last time on All Star Battle.


byc13 Retrieved October 15, Who should be the replacements? While an attempt at bonding together for charity, it episoode drives the girls further apart. Redemption is the thirteenth installment of the Oxygen reality television series Bad Girls Club.

I bet a lot of them don’t want to be associated with that anymore. After Jada’s cigarettes go missing, she immediately targets Judi, leading to Judi to throw a cup of alcohol in Jada’s face.

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Cook Islands Survivor jadq After Jada punches Danni in the face, Tanisha has some words for her, resulting in a huge argument. Her and Natalie are going to stir shit up tho. One World Survivor 24 Recaps Survivor Second Chance Survivor After she confronted everyone, Judi tells Sarah, Natalie and Rocky that she took the eyelashes, sparking a huge argument between Camilla and Jada against Judi.

Jada is sent home for causing physical harm to Danni. I wish Mehgan 77 too! Gen X Survivor Chromatic Island Big Brother 6: Judi makes a shocking decision to leave the house after getting tired of the girl’s bullying antics. Retrieved December 17, Danni and Judi’s friendship gets driven apart even more.

Jessie, Jordan, Sabine, Vitoria.

Danni Sarah Julie Camilla Jocky. Second Chances Episofe Biggest Loser 9: It premiered on October 7, and concluded on January 6, Retrieved November 26, I think she did lol. Lmao Flo and her psycho ass. Tocantins Survivor Roundtable Discussion Survivor Danni all season number 1 2.

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I thought she got divorced because her husband was cheating? Thomazon Big Brother 4: Redd shares her experience about this season via Skype, and Natalie shares her experience via video.


They can’t get anyone pre season 7 other than Natalie tho? Blood vs Water Survivor All 3 were interviewed and either dropped out or were passed iirc. Which season was the one where this girl said she hooked up with Justin bieber? The Girls who will soon arrive at the Los Angeles mansion for season 13 are introduced, though they come from different seasons and backgrounds, they all have one thing in common, they are seeking redemption.

Families The Biggest Loser 7: The girls don’t believe that Natalie has changed into a bigger woman and slowly see through her evil ways. I really like Rocky. I’m caimlla Sarah and Rocky are participating. In each season of the Bad Girls Clubone or more girls are asked to leave the house either from violence, physical fighting, or she may leave on her own accord, which then gives the producers a chance at a new “bad girl” who arrives to the house in a couple of days to replace the bad girl who was removed or left.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Judi and Sarah continue to face off with the rest of the roommates.

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