Toei stopped production of its Metal Hero series, meaning no series to adapt for a third season which was tentatively titled Beetleborgs Force , which would have meant much higher production costs. The Magnavores leave a baby at the steps of Hillhurst. As the House Monsters leave Hillhurst on Halloween to do some Trick or Treating of their own, the mansion attracts unsuspecting kids believing it to be haunted. Flabber calls in a psychic to figure out where the Astral Coins which are now missing are. Frankenbeans escapes into town on Halloween night, then the monster Grenade Guy is ordered to kidnap him. Frankenbeans 48 episodes, Kyle Jordan He gains the power of super speed. Operation Frankenbeans Mar 28 – Dr.

He gains the power of super speed. The show was about three typical pre-teen kids, Drew, Roland, and Jo, living in the city of Charterville, where they tend to hang out as Roland’s father’s comic book store, Zoom Comics. Baron Von Frankenbeans creates a bride just for his “”son””, Frankie. Flabber calls in the Beetleborgs to force him out. Flabber is kidnapped and the enemies want something in return Their wish to become comic book heroes forces three kids to take on the heroes’ mortal enemies. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Baron Von Frankenbeans’ latest creation, a mutant plant, is sought by Mega-Nukus’ forces.

But the Magnavores sieze the opportunity to release several monsters at once.

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While trying to escape, they bumped into a pipe organ, accidentally freeing a wacky blue phasm by the name Flabber. Unknown to them, Vilor and Les use Nukus’ sword to bring the monster to life.

User Reviews One of my joys as a kid. Noxic’s brother Super Noxic shows up at Hillhurse disguised to be a fitness trainer named Herc-Uleese. Inthe crossover occurred as a Power Rangers Turbo vs. A Power Rangers Movie An old acquaintance of Wolfgang’s, who had lost his head after sneezing at the werewolf’s fleas, visits Hillhurst to get his head back.


Five tribes from ancient human civilizations chose one of their best warriors to form the Dinosaur Battle Team The Booger Man appears at Hillhurst to give the house monsters nightmares.

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The genie grants the kids’ wish but also accidentally unleashes the villains from the comics. Seems he swallowed one of the Astral Coins!

mwtallix Beetle Rock 1 Sep 07 – Trip and Van, a pair of rich brothers and snobby bullies, dare Drew, Jo, and Roland to see who can stay in Hillhurst Mansion, the local haunted house, the longest. It was the third “companion series” jetallix the Power Rangers franchise, and eventually rose in ratings to point it was number 1 in all key demographics. The doctor runs experiments and tests on Flabber and the other House The Doctor is In Oct 18 – Dr.


Dr Baron Von Frankenbeans sends his latest creation, a younger version of Frankenbeans known as “Little Frankie”, to live with his “big brother” veetleborg Hillhurst doing his trip. Jo, his tomboyish younger sister who later goes through a change of actresses due to a magic spell gone badis the Red Striker and later Platinum Purple Beetleborg, and has the civilian ability of super-strength.

Heather 61 episodes, Their wish to become comic book heroes forces three kids to take on the heroes’ mortal enemies. The Magnavores leave a baby at the steps of Hillhurst. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. A Friend in Need 4 Nov 14 – Shadowborg captures the Beetleborgs while attempting to battle Vexor, so they must obtain help from their new Beetleborg.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nukus destroys the Beetleborgs’ armor, weapons, and powers, and turns Flabber into ice. Little do they realize, that it was placed there by the Magnavores to spy on them and the Beetleborg kids.


But in fulfilling their wish, Flabber accidentally releases the Beetleborgs’ enemies, the evil Magnavores, from the comic book world as well. Three kids who love comic books are given one wish by a friendly ghost, Flabber. On top of that, the Beetleborgs must also deal with a new monster, El Scorpio.

Baron Von Frankenbeans’ latest creation, a mutant plant, is sought by Mega-Nukus’ forces. Vlad the Impaler, head vampire from the old beetlebirg, comes to Hillhurst to make sure he gets.

A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited to save Angel Grove from the evil witch, Rita Repulsa, and later, Lord Zedd, Emperor of all he sees, and their horde of monsters. A giant egg is unearthed at a construction site and soon opened, releasing the terrible Ivan Ooze, who wreaks vengeance on Zordon for imprisoning him millennia ago.


The kids decide they want to become their favorite comic book heroes “BeetleBorgs”. An anxious netallix seeks out the Beetleborgs’ secret identities – and finds them.

While working on a class assignment with his the teacher’s Pet. Watch Now on Prime Video. As thanks for releasing him from his prison, he gave them a wish, which they were unanimous on: Copperncherrio’s Favorite TV from Childhood.

episoxe The star quarterback of University of Notre Dame, who is also a hunchback, gets amnesia and winds up in the Hillhurst attic. Mega-Nukus pits Boron and Roboborg against one another.

Jo is turned into a Mr.

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