He rolled from here to there. I watch BB for entertainment…period. I feel MC, Amanda and Helen are the only ones really playing the long term game at the moment. Not only racist remarks but attacking the family of another house guest is unforgivable and should not be rewarded. When one houseguest made inappropriate remarks, others followed suit. You can also download the entire podcast right here.

Aaryn honey you are not a very smart girl or you would have played your OWN game and not what everyone told you to do. One of my favorite seasons is your first season—BB So we really wonder,why so much secrecy behind it year after year? I only bring this up because I feel like people think she and McCrae might have been more deserving of a win.. I have no love for Andy. The outdid themselves this season! Finally someone takes that title away from her.

Plus, the next twist has to be unknown to the HGs, so that they will least likely to play the game so hard so fast. Ok a lot of coaching.

Past house could do nothing but vote their butts out of the game. He was in that conversation as well.

‘Big Brother’: Andy, GinaMarie, Spencer talk about losing their jobs |

Your rractions has been just horrible. I have enjoyed watching BB since its inception. I do not want to see another season of floaters or players afraid to make moves. I respect the fact he closed out the game hard, not HOW he played the game.

My Final Thoughts on This Season of Big Brother

Make the new house guest real hamsters. Elissa started the bowl rolling with putting up the McCranda group. Make or Break Season What makes or breaks a season to me is if at the end, the person who wins actually played the game hard.


Unfortunately Amanda won the cazt. I am glad I got sick and caught up on that season though. All in all this was the most frustrating BB year. I just disagree on some of your thoughts on BB15, but this has been the season of discontent lol Looking forward to Watching With Dan next season!

Looking forward to your future blog posts, and congratulations on the new book! This way the new hg play on their own. I saw your streaming schedule above but are you still planning reactionz play retro games during any of these?

Take Care and Good Luck with the book!! Past HG never enter the house.

Dan, I am a 28 year old man who has been recations of being on Big Brother for years. I am trying to remember what moves Andy made. For virtually the entire game he made no decisions at all on who was evicted.

Easy way to test that one out. Anyone watching the live feeds knows that what CBS creates for network viewing is more fantasy than reality. No wonder there was so much controversy this year. Like they were one upping each other, it was almost like spoil ed children at summer camp with no supervision. There are a ton of ways to stay connected with me: I think they should do speciality shows Like survivor like heros vs villians big brother, or all family duos like recent survivor so elissa and rachel could play, or jeff and his brother.

Does CBS think that this unusual amount of publicity the show is now receiving will actually help the show, which has seen some rreactions its lowest-ever ratings? My hypothetical scenario with this cast is: I know Andy explained how he thinks he played his game but really he was annoying to watch and spoke horrible about women and about Elissa.


We have had many new cast in BB history.

For as crazy as it sounds, there is an awesome community around the weekly live-streaming, and you can check it out on these nights:. It was a very young cast. Props for that move.

Played hard against who exactly? Just my 2 cents. I would gb15 like it if producers bring back old HGs. I watched Big Brother tenth season and ten seasons, just want to tell you I love your play and please forgive my English is too bad. She took out Amanda As for next season Id love to see a all stars my pick would be. It is what it reactiojs. Absolutely horrible but what a train wreck. Very impressive stuff from all 3, each whom would have made a worthy winner.

‘Big Brother 15′– Julie Chen Reacts to Houseguests’ Racist Comments | TVLine

Now their like please have allstars? I suppose by that measure Aaryn will be the head of programming at CBS by the time this season is over. That rezctions bring in a plethora of viewers! Rather than the usual celebratory nature reaftions interviews can take, our chats with Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman, and Spencer Clawson centered mostly around their behavior in the house, specifically comments or conversations all three took part in that have led to each of them being either fired or publicly rebuked by their employers.

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