Meanwhile, in the Doom Dimension, the Brawlers are clueless as to how to escape. Jack then comes from behind and they all attack Tristar at once. Dan says that another adventure is waiting for him and Drago, and that he had enough time in the spotlight, such that he wants to let other Brawlers to rise to his rank. Anna Engh as Marucho Murokura. Despite this, he still insists on combining but he is once again shot by Mechtavius Destroyer. Meanwhile, Team Anubias is trying to find a way to escape.

They then hear some more Chaos Bakugan arriving, so they split up to take them out. Dan says that he has learnt some things over the past few years. Anubias then fuses the two into Mutant Krakenoid and Mutant Krowl. However, Reptak hears the voice of Gunz and he saw him in a crowd of people. Meanwhile, Rafe and Paige are doing well until Ben comes with Horridian. In , he began drawing the artwork for the Boruto:

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge (TV)

Meanwhile, Marucho is confronted by his father and must decide how to save Bakugan Interspace from further destruction.

Paige and Rafe wonder who he was, while Marucho reveals that he sent a SOS message to all duh the Brawlers’ allies which Spectra was the first one to receive. Mag Mel is then seen talking to Anubias about the whereabouts of Dan and Drago and it would never occur to him that they were at New Vestroia, the home of all Bakugan. Drago is unable to control the powers he has received from Code Eve, so Dan and 64 contemplate retirement.

Once they were geared up and ready to fight, ,echtanium headed off to the island. Unable to mechtanjum his fans and shattered bonds between his friends, on top of the fact that Dan can still see Mag Mel and Razenoid, Dan packs up his things then goes to New Vestroia with Drago and disappears without a trace as he cannot bear to face his best friends anymore.

Alyson Court as Mira 8 episodes eps, Scott Gorman as Noah.

Watch Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge Episode 46 English Dub Online

Mechfanium are teleported out of the cave and a mysterious yellow mark appears on Dan’s hand and Drago’s chest. They only show the battle between Marucho and Shun vs Anubias and Robin.

Kenji Miyawaki Series Supervision: Dan becomes frustrated, knowing that the Brawlers can’t succeed without him, which leads to a fierce argument between Dan, Marucho, and Shun, the latter epizode arguing that they can win without Dragonoid Destroyer.

Shun however, refuses their help and leaves while Marucho’s father asks him to quit the Brawlers, surprising Marucho.

He also mentions that Razenoid will soon awaken where he is inside some sort of cocoon and he will soon become fully whole. Elsewhere, Sellon is seen contacting Mag Mel and informing him about the Capture the Flag challenge and he thinks that the Chaos Energy produced will be massive and he will be able to break out of his prison. Then, bakuvan reassuring Reptak that they would find him, Dan, Drago, fnglish Reptak start to ask the people of Bakugan City if they had seen Gunz, but no one was seen him.


Hadley Kay as Radizen 7 episodes eps, Marucho then wins Round 1. In the ensuing chaos in Bakugan Interspace, the Brawlers wonder what to do.

Bakugan Mechtanium Surge eps 46 – Dailymotion Video

Anna Wysocka Theme Song Performance: Jack and Robin arrive but Marucho jumps in with Tristar and disappear in a giant wave with Paige and Rafe. Soon, Shun comes and tells Marucho that the only way to stop the chaos is to battle.

He also summons five different attributed Razen Titans to the five biggests cities on Earth to drill holes into the Earth’s core which will result in the Earth blowing up. Meanwhile, Balista finds a secret door and ends up finding the real Gunz being unconscious and tangled in vines of some sort.

Gunz then throws out Tremblar. Annevig Schelde Ebbe as Runo Misaki. Kenji Miyawaki Monster Animation Director: However, Dan and Drago are unsure because they may lose control of their powers again.

They and their Bakugan fight. Dan and Drago tell them that they should only be fighting them not the innocent but Mag Mel responds as it is an act of revenge and he doesn’t care about nobility. They later appear in a park and Julie gets a call from her syrge saying that Wiseman is back and she later hides in a bush whilst the Brawlers confront Du.

Team Anubias just stays there with Noah. Marucho tries to convince Paige and Rafe to try to not battle as much in the competition, but they take that as an insult epsode they leave angrily. Mechtanuum find out that the masked entity is called Mag Mel and the Bakugan with him is called Razenoid. Tigrerra wishes for her and the other brawlers luck and stay safe no matter what.

Meanwhile, in the Doom Dimension, the Nonet Bakugan wonder if Coredegon and the Mechtogan were victorious against the Bakugan, and they decide to ask Worton, but he tells them to be patient. The episode starts with the brawlers discussing Wiseman and his Nonet Bakugan. After a long time searching, Skytruss and Orbeum locate Wiseman and alert the other Brawlers about him. Shun is soon confronted by Wiseman and his Bakugan Spatterix and Stronk. Marucho then realizes that because the Chaos Bakugan were destroying the area, the mainframe was damaged and that’s why nobody can’t get out.


Sellon also mentions that the end of the world is still coming and Dan and Drago ask whats she’s talking about but she teleports back to Earth and reports back to master Mag Mel. However, they are the ones to get attacked by surprise from the sky. Zachary Bennett as Shun. Meanwhile, the masked man, whose name is officially revealed to be Mag Mel, is trying to break free of his prison but requires more energy from Dan and Drago to fulfill his goal Then one of his hooded servants informs him of the Mechtogan attack.

You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. During the fight, a vision of Mag Mel and Razenoid appear and Dan and Drago think they are fighting them instead of Anubias, causing them to lay waste to the field and endanger the crowd.

Shun and Marucho tell Dan that they still think he should not fight, but decide to support him anyway. Orbeum and Skytruss then go to New Vestroia to help protect the Bakugan there. Loretta Di Pisa as Mira Fermin. Drago suggests to do a mutation and Rafe explains that he can only mutate with a Bakugan of the same power level.

Shawn Meunier as Dragonoid Destroyer eps 28, 34, 36 Robin. Aerogan’s trainer is revealed to be none other than Runo’s former partner, Tigrerra, who forgives him by saying that no doubt he has learnt much from Runo and the Battle Brawlers.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge Episode 46 English Dub

He speaks out to the crowd, taking the position of leader and claiming that as the new leader of the Brawlers he will abolish the harsh and dangerous style of brawling accidentally set off by Dan and Drago. They then defeat many Chaos Bakugan and they merge back to their original forms. Mutant Krowl then traps Drago with Haos Hydra. As Skytruss and Orbeum send out a message to the Brawlers about Wiseman’s hideout, Balista vows to find out Wiseman’s true identity.

Zenthon and Drago start defeating a whole bunch of Chaos Bakugan but then, Dan suddenly has a vision of Mag Mel which causes Dan and Drago to go out of sync and they are unable to control Zenthon and he starts attacking Bakugan Interspace.

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