The characters are so life like you’ll forget you’re watching a cartoon and get lost in the story line. I give it a So many unfinished stories were pending It manages to do this as good as X-men and Spiderman did back in the ‘s. Other highlights of the series includes the return of Ultron and Kang. The character designs are horrendous, overly simplified and in many cases don’t make justice to their comic book incarnations.

Eleven years is a long wait, but “The Avengers: Marvel able to help the Black Panther. The characters are great, I love Thor’s nobility his redesigned armour in Season 2 is also awesome , Hulk’s broodiness and Captain America’s heroism, while the antagonists especially Loki and Ant Man more in Season 1 than in Season 2 , whose motivations are quite refreshing for an animated show, are equally strong. It’s a shame Alan Rickman won’t be able to reprise his role though — he would have been perfect casting. If you have never had a chance to read the comics, this show is a great opportunity to see where the essence of the movies came from. Oh, and an amusing anecdote? Earth’s Mightiest Heroes didn’t survive beyond its second season.

As for the latter, few would argue that Walt Simonson’s Thor comics aren’t among the best in the character’s history.

Full Cast and Crew. What can be said on favour of this series is that they develop some storyline in steps along all the season, and season finale solutions are kind of exciting, but again, it doesn’t give any depth, only evil villains trying to take over the world. I’m dmh not sure I’m sold on the voice cast.

They allowed a new creative team to make the book more “popular”, at the expense of what made the book great.

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Now, about the villains. Seven of the most formidable heroes form arguably the most powerful team ever. Blue-faced time-travelling warlord Kang the Conqueror is up there with Ultron as one of the all-time greatest Avengers villains in the comics.


The hammer looked so small when Thor was holding it and the handle should have been longer.

Your review will post soon. It’s really a great show of character to see him believe that even in such a violent world as the Marvel Universe, it’s never too late to start again and try to put your life in line.

Apocalypse 5 By Stacey Rourke So I just finished watching all the 1st season’s 26 episodes of The Avengers: D, are a constant presence. After being held prisoner for months by the alien Skrulls, Captain America is ready to break out. Over the first thirteen episodes, the story line jumps between characters and time lines.

September 22, The new animated series of The Avengers is a fantastic journey into fun adventure, with writing seawon embraces the best elements of all Marvel media, wrapped around the original comic book foundation created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. While I appreciate that they may have been going for an amalgam of retro and modern designs, with some things I feel they should have rethought it a bit.

Skip to main content. There are some minor changes, but they work perfectly for the story. The Avengers are torn apart when Nick Fury reveals that aliens have begun infiltrating the Earth! Yes No Report this. The Wasp aka former socialite-turned-shrinking superhero Janet van Dyne is the stand-out character in Avengers: And he’s a good example for the kids watching this show.

I give avenegrs a There’s little sense of growth or dramatic coherence as the team is formed in the first episodes. An envoy from the alien warrior race, known as the Kree, comes to Earth. Spider-Man, Wolverine, Fantastic Four Can’t play on this device. The shape-shifting aliens known as the Skrulls begin their invasion of Earth, starting with Wakanda.


The heroes vs heroes fight at the airport was the undisputed highlight of Captain America: Some of the character designs are also inconsistent, while Thor’s relationship with Jane is too briefly introduced and doesn’t go anywhere and Ant-Man’s motivations are not as well thought out.

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But there are flaws in this show like people are complaining that Avengers Assemble is not well written, the character designs are flat, too violent for kids and have no story. Ratings and reviews 4. Nick Fury becomes a mish-mash of preceding iterations of the character — beginning as African American with hair, and then eventually with the grey sideswipe hairstyle of the Caucasian Fury.

There’s no conclusion with that story-line.

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and I was entertained. Instances of this include: Made great use of the wider marvel Universe. They have taken many people in powerful positions so they are all set for their bid to conquer the human race.

This is the closest thing Marvel has ever done to the comics in any TV show or movie.

Honest Review: Avengers EMH: Part 2

I’m not going to go on about how I’ve sason every comic ever made blah-blah-blah, because I haven’t. Black Panther retreated back into his political duties. In the entire history of the Marvel Universe, this character has gone through many phases, and in this case, Bruce Banner is not exactly in control of the Hulk, but is in communication with his persona via subconscious.

Excellent action, characters, and story telling.

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