So we continued training until even I was out of breath, and we went to the fresh-kill pile together to eat our share. Sorry my form is really late, but is there any way I could still join? Sign In To Vote. The trick is to tuck your hind legs very close to your chest, and then use the momentum to shove the enemy off. My ears pricked, and my eyes widened. If you want us to review something, drop an ask our way! Life doesn’t run by a clock.

She’ll die and idiot. The prey-hunters and cave-guards are Tigerstripe and I’m assuming here Lilystream. Have you written the story and put in on a website, or what? Somehow, she knows many strategies, but she is particularly skilled at jumping extremely far distances, climbing trees very quickly, and she’s one of the fastest runners in the forest. I just realized how Stormfeather has a “connection” with Spiritclan. So now we just need to find Icestar! The theory I had previously thought of came up for the third time.

It shows animated blood. Stormfeather spends some time in Spiritclan, but then as she realizes the oncoming threat of “The Code” the band of power-rogues and clan cats who have been casted out or other clan cats that are blindly following other episodw.

In Lillypaw, and in our memories.

The prey seemed plumper than it was in real life, and four cats seemed to wait for me. RussetpawRussetpaw was bigger than me. Of course I had wanted him to get good training, but this felt Bunch up your hind legs further and then unfold them very quickly, like a punch. And the animation is awkward and the background colors look odd.

Teaser – Dark Revolution (read desc.)

Six cats will lead five Clans to the safety of a starry beach. You are blocked from following this user and viewing this user’s posts. The Clans will not stand a chance! I hurried after StormfeatherStormfeather, forcing the thoughts out auroraaclan my head.


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Sorry for the very undramatic post, I didn’t feel creative at the moment. Auroraclan by Icerift Fyera Well, as nice as it was to have a super positive review, lets get to a show that bothers me even more than Unknown Blood, and that was not a pretty review.

We have no kits, and Sparrowpaw and Russetpaw and Petal. I just realized how Stormfeather has a “connection” with Spiritclan. Third, Cedarleaf and his siblings are in a place called the Plains of Passage, where rogues, loners, and illogical rebirths come after they die.

I tried to search it but couldn’t find it.

The flood of kits seemed to dissolve. Had to rewrite a couple times and sent another version. I’m not on the moor. She padded away as a silver tabby she-cat padded forward. Leafstar turned to me. Your mind is as endless as you allow. Thank you for accepting me! First POVeh coming soon. Dark Revolution and the sequels, Insurgence Dawning, and Cataclysm of Light there are no scenes from IN or CoL in this teaser, all are from DRis a series that goes over a story people are constantly asking me to animate.

RussetpawRussetpaw wistfully gazed after us as I followed my mentor. Turtlepaw, beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes; Snowpaw, pale-gray she-cat with white paws and tail-tip and pale-blue eyes; Honeypaw, light-golden tabby she-cat with white accents and leaf-green eyes.

I want everybody to know there is a huuuuge difference if you haven’t noticed by now. I finally finished it! Ummm can you maby help me out with the animated series Im creating since I do the whole by mysekf it’ll probable take a year or 3 I’ll give you credit if you help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m being lazy again. I’m not exactly sure who Russetpaw’s owner is, but yes, Sparrowpaw does have a minor crush on him.


It’s how you savor each moment of your existence. Sixth, Leafstorm didn’t kill Nightclaw, just wound him. My fur bristled as I reluctantly lay on my back, leaving my soft underbelly exposed.

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His pelt was as golden as honey, his amber episodr sap I just made a super-awesome POV! Life doesn’t run by a clock. Sign In To Vote. I was gone for awhile! The designs are so….

The prey-hunters and cave-guards are Tigerstripe and I’m assuming here Lilystream. He padded away, making room for a mottled orange-and-black tom. Never rush into a battle that can be avoided.

And now that Stormfeather has brought kits into the clan, that have powers, their all going to fall in love blah blah blah the rogues with powers begin the hate the clans blah blah blah, Stormfeather dies. I auroravlan nor pursue you.

[Episode 2] Aeon: Dark Revolution

I knew lots about the tribes, from what mother had told me. Unknown see why in backstory Siblings: Even if SA did glitch, the epicness was still their.

I hadn’t meant that in the mushy way. StormfeatherStormfeather continued by scolding RussetpawRussetpaw. Cedarleaf and Leafstar were there as well. I hated talking about it the most so instead I isolated myself from my friends. A golden tabby she-cat came up. I will not look for you.

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