Upon reaching home, Meher finds Meesha working which lifts suspicion that she was at the festival as well. Qureshi, Sushma may come face to face in Abu Dhabi. There, Zaini confides him that she was the girl whom he met at the fest. At Shahbad, Shah Baba shows his whole region to Aimee. Title screen of drama Aik Nayee Cinderella. Seeing her caring attitude, Meher has change of heart.

The drama generated positive reviews with critics calling it “fresh” and “funny”. Meanwhile, Bano asks Suraiya for wedding planner. Comments 15 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Kudos to the team. Farjad calls Shah Baba to tell him that he has found the girl. Aunn is emotional, boisterous, expressive and confused, with a bit of a childish streak in him. Meesha leaves but returns halfway to meet Dado. Prime Minister Khan responds to Modi.

Roman convinces Episodde Baba to bring Farjad by emotionally blackmailing. As usual Aunn is oblivious to everything except his own needs and is searching for even more ways of screwing up his life. I know this serial is not meant to be preachy but it certainly showed a thing or two about direct communication with people and not relying on a few words or extrapolating from there to come to usually the wrong conclusions.

At the function, Meesha in her mask,messes up everything and quickly runs out from there. Because of its immense popularity the show aired on another Epiisode Channel Geo Kahani will soon air in India on channel Zee Zindagi.

There, Zaini confides him that she was the girl whom he met at the fest. Prime Minister Khan responds to Modi.


One day a person passes near their home announcing inauguration of carnival festival. At other side, in lack of exposure to outer world, Meesha shows her low standard habits which disgust Bano. It is the one of the highest-rated Pakistani television series. Roman asks her anun trust him. Sange Mar Marā€¦Episode 9 Bano asks Meesha to come to her home so as she can learn their home rules.

A time for restraint.

Aunn Zara Episode 15 Review :Zara JI | DRAMA PAKISTANIĀ®

She is the auhn of the play and as Aunn’s paranoid grandmother, drives him up the wall in many of the rib-tickling scenes. Both Meesha and Mayer reaches shahbad on foot. I have to say Haissam Hussain is a good director, much better than Sarmad who I find over-rated and this drama is extra good along with that Osman and Maya who are very talented, and a breath of fresh air compared to the stone-faced actors in the industry.

Meanwhile, Zaini is caught having drugs. Shah Baba throws Aimee into prison. Both Mayer and Meesha are disturbed. Although Art and English literature are her favorite past times, she is graduate in Biochemistry.

&#;Aunn Zara&#; – A drama review –

He further tells her about her life making her believe in him. Zxra, Meher, after seeing Roman asks Suraiya to send him to her home so as to do small house works. Meesha is upset at seeing all this.

It makes us reflect over life’s simple, yet meaningful pleasures that we often take for granted. I hate the word Bolly!

As soon as Dadi gave her the time of day she started ignoring Aunn again and spent the night gossiping episod the old lady only returning to her room after Aunn had gone to sleep.


New models of development where the state invites private investors to acquire land create new challenges.

Aunn Zara || Episode 15 || A Plus Drama

It is revealed that the lucky girl is daughter of sikandar which was killed by Shah Baba, His wife died in shock. Meher refuses as she considers Meesha Saifullah’s illegitimate daughter.

When every channel is busy in showing sazishi saas, evil sis ,zalim samaj and depressing husband wife relationship”AUNN ZARA” gives a fresh feeling by showing “loving in-laws”caring saas, a protective dadand a cute husband wife “larai” which never ends with heroine crying and husband depressed The earring is with Mayer.

To tease Zaini, Mayer starts using Meesha to tease Zaini. The next day, Meesha falls ill. The drama is a modern retelling of Cinderella story. While taking a tour, Meesha discovers long steel chains.

Osman’s theatre background appears to come in handy in his character development of the effervescent Aunn. All three of the girls are excited after hearing of the festival. Bano, whose marriage was initially fixed with Saifullah, but was later broken by him since he wanted to marry Meher. Roman confesses his feelings towards Meesha to Dado.

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