Adding a little bit of story after years where most of our supporting young heroes are married or something like that would’ve been the best way to end it. Nah it’s kind of a meme in Raildex threads. Now to find some girls that aren’t legit whores in Vegas Edit: Was always more partial to Prime Number. My turn to ask the last question. And yes, I have seen all the Aria Series

I just started ep 11 of School Days but had to pause, come back here and say something after seeing the first 50 seconds. Episode 11 of School Days finished. You’ll enjoy the series more. Yes Naruto and Bleach are good, but they’re like Saas Bahu Dramas which never end and ppl keep watching them. Big tracts of land dumb. Don’t forget about NedStark Oh lawd, yeah he is definitely main rival. Join one while in college?

Tell me, have you watched any of Key’s works? Ended Clannad now watching: You not aware of Frenda and halves?

Asu no Yoichi! Episode 8

I’m just blown away by this movie. Reviews no, but I have watched it.

Kurokami the animation – 7th episode http: Summing up a whole route in a movie can’t be pulled off easily without removing some much-needed details. Adrenaline pumping fight scenes and close to death battles, funny moments even in the worst situations, sarcasm and taunts, and most of all the 2 loveable brothers Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric completely engulf you in this series.


oyichi Also the first few episodes have more misses than hits. XD Chicks are cool and as expected I loved what the plot twist was. Wrath of the sista’!

Oh boy CG R2 are awesome Just after i watched the movie D [IMO of course]. Like for example I recently watched the movie “Triangle” over at my friend’s house.

I just wanted to post one of the best moment from the movie here.

Where can I watch case closed/detective conan episode ? | Yahoo Answers

A girl carrying twin caliber bring down yoichk of bad guys just sultan rahi with AK Honestly would rather be toured through a cow tits gallery. It was like that the whole show. Rhyfelwr’s lack of screen-time in season 2 seems to be really hurting his chances of winning. It’s not that I am against those series, it’s just that rarely do people watch anime besides those and rarely does one find people that do.

Where can I watch case closed/detective conan episode 131?

Just watched the excellent intro of Ergo Proxy. Serial Experiments Lain is on list of CoalGirls HItsugura ever heard of editing the post: But we can see how they don’t get any attention and all the work most likely goes to waste. It’s good because the anime starts off focusing on the manner in which Guts joins the Band of the Hawk and then shifts to their amazing tactics in war, and finally the climax which gives us something totally unexpected.


Finished watching High School Of the dead http: You should wait for the Blu-Rays to be released, they will have a lot of extra episodes. Welcome, would you like a tour of the Yaoi gallery? Watching Cromartie High School, gone through 17 episodes so far.

Also, the fights in the town of Pieta were good too. I’ll force the SysOps’ to make the Anime mod just for a while.

I don’t know where and when to laugh, to laugh at the jokes or the parodies they make or else the lameness of the comedy elements. Kuroshitsuji is turning out to be really good On episode I guess probably most of you people are aware of it. Fukkkk I just read this thread http: Or those which have been adapted into anime, you will probably hate the anime sometimes as mostly they choose the routes that suck, suck bad. Oh wait, you have already watched Bible Black, so there’s no need for it.

There stories are more episoxe than punjabi or pushto movie type anime so called Black Lagoon. Mystery, Horror, Action, Sorcery Clare looked really hot in her black attire during the 3rd and 4th episodes.

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