No words are strong enough to condemn this mass killing by elements who are out to destabilise the country,” party president K Jana Krishnamurthy said in a statement in New Delhi. It is targeting a religious group. But the last word belongs to a retired Muslim teacher: The language press had behaved, she said, in an extremely partisan manner and had even egged on citizens of the majority community to take up arms. There are no exact estimates of how many karsevaks are still left behind in Ayodhya. Earlier, they would have entered the holy city in four separate groups on March 9, 13, 17 and

The men in uniform posted outside have orders not to let anyone unlock the main gate. Vajpayee who has been called a ‘moderate’ in an extremist Hindu nationalist party, has a history of making such remarks. As politics abandoned the philosophy of social transformation and became a gamble for power, people were categorised into vote-banks and capture of these vote-banks had to be on caste and communal lines. Police in Ahmadabad filed several reports accusing local leaders of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Hindu nationalist party and the fundamentalist World Hindu Council of leading Hindus into Muslim communities and commanding them to burn Muslims alive. Relations between India and the diplomatic community hit a low last week when three ambassadors were rebuffed in an attempt to present concerns to Jaswant Singh, India’s foreign minister. The approach road and other access points have been carefully studied and woven into the revised VHP strategy of calling upon the UP cadre at a short notice. The violence continued unchecked for a fourth day despite troops being deployed with orders to shoot rioters on sight. But there has been no concerted international effort to end the latest small-scale war or to prevent a nuclear exchange that would kill millions in both countries.

As new pieces of blazing material were tossed into the house and flames danced up the walls, Ibrahim and a few others kept moving around the room, tripping on the bodies of people who had collapsed.

They look at each other as if seeking silent affirmation of what none of them really comprehended.

Panicked and crying, those inside the house begged for their lives. Modi said soldiers would deploy in Atahiba on Friday and may also move into 26 other towns that saw violence and were placed under curfew. According to a series of eyewitness episoe from Naroda Patia, the worst affected area in Ahmedabad, the mobs who attacked Epieode shops, homes, and brutalized Muslim women and children, were brandishing in their hands not only swords and stones, but copies of the Sandesh with the Godhra attack as the banner headline, shouting “khoon ka badla khoon” blood for blood.


How can it be that the United States – which proposes to teach the rest of the world lessons about the rule of law, respect for human rights, and protection of the individual against the overweening power of the state – makes so little effort to identify, prosecute, or extradite foreign torturers living here?

Hurriyat Conference on Monday termed the massacre of eight Hindus in Jammu region’s Rajouri district on Sunday as “inhuman and anti-Islamic” and demanded an impartial international probe to unravel the “mysterious hand” behind the killings.

The army was deployed at 7. Poor pandits just had to quit the state,” said a local resident in one of the sensitive colonies apparently showing his approval for the violence. During the meeting, Vajpayee appealed to Singhal and other leaders to postpone the ongoing movement at Ayodhya in view of the “tense situation” prevailing in Gujarat following the attack on the Sabarmati Express at Godhra, the sources said.

Thousands of Muslims are still homeless. What motivated the Council to impose such restrictions on the Press was the imperative to ensure that newspaper reports did not incite the people.

All exit points had been surrounded by mobs armed with swords, iron rods, acid and paraffin. But there were fears violence would spread Friday, when Hindu nationalists called for a nationwide strike. That much has been taken care of by the United States, which will not allow any precipitate action by either of the nuclear neighbours. It is time we stopped the massacres in the name of religion.

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Former top officers from El Salvador’s military junta, suspects in the torture and murder of many Americans as well episod Salvadorans, have also been discovered living in the United States, like those Nazi fugitives who found comfortable havens after World War II in Argentina, Bolivia, or Chile.

S ince the Mandal, the local governing body comprising member executive committee, has gifted peace and communal harmony to the residents. But they are children still. But the throng soon followed them there and encircled the house, seeking revenge for a Muslim attack on Hindu train passengers earlier in the week.

The reports was used in the English news bulletins and almost every regional bulletin, most importantly in the Gujarat bulletin. It was said that epusode persons were training like the US Marines, following which they were to be deputed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although police imposed a curfew in 37 towns and army troops sent to the state received orders to shoot rioters zrd sight, the unrest continued today.


Those who left by the Pushpak Express did not go together and did not carry any flags or ribbons to give away their identity.

The Hindu-Muslim violence was the worst in a decade. Now they will probably share a life-long unspoken bond of victim-hood. What have we done to you? The World Hindu Council has called for a state-wide strike today to protest against the attack – one of the most gruesome incidents of communal violence in a decade. The evil forces that were responsible for this heinous crime should be identified and punished.

Two people were stabbed in the towns of Anand and Baroda, while a mob set light to buses in Ahmedabad. The Hubli Bar Association had three months back passed a reseloution not to defend the terror suspects, but the same was defied by a few lawyers which led to minor clashes in the Bar.

A day after the blast at a court hall in Hubli, the police have found a vital clue in the form of a SIM card, which was used in the mobile phone to trigger of the blasts on Saturday. Criticising the tight security measures in the town, he said they had created hurdles in the movement of vehicles carrying food for karsewaks.

Last night, the state government had issued a directive to thwart all attempts at sending Ram Sevaks from E;isode to Ayodhya in view of the violent outbursts in Gujarat. But it is impossible to ascertain how many.

The lack of easy transportation to and from Ayodhya has already begun to reflect in the numbers at Karsevakpuram, the VHP headquarters in Ayodhya. Ahmedabad bore the brunt of five day’s of statewide communal clashes that claimed more than lives. Findings of several reports from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, leaked to the media, said there was evidence of pre-planned killings of Muslims, that the BJP state government was complicit in 558 killings and that the death toll might be more than 2, However, they have not zeroed down on any organisation as yet.

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