I have been watching Downton Abbey on Hulu. Awwww I love their relationship already! Arang and the Magistrate is hilarious, in a zany sort of way. Her face ends up riiiiight next to his, and he freezes for a moment. Kim Kwang Gyu Supporting Cast. Eun-oh wakes up in a nice bed… hog-tied. As Dol-swe sleeps, Eun-ho tends to the fire and stays up thinking about his mother.

They kind of made that obvious. SMA since you see a lot of the “bright” personality that she can bring to the screen seeing SMA as a high schooler in the 1st couple of eps is too cute. I really need that in my life right now ’cause reality is really stressing me out. Stardust August 15, at 9: Or any other show that uses the same method for that matter! Her face ends up riiiiight next to his, and he freezes for a moment. But I love them as a pair!

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Waca August 17, at 1: Thank you for the recap. As for them together, I think this is going to work really well; magisfrate are good actors and able to show a range of emotions – it’s not likely going to be an easy magistraet, so I’m looking forward to that! It traps three of the ghosts, who freeze on the spot. I cannot wait for episodes 3 and 4. Hwang Bo-ra She is a female shaman who has some mystic powers but not magistate enough of it to say she is a professional shaman; she is able to call spirits but cannot see them.

He was acting out the scene where he looks at Arang Shin Min-ah with the most sentimental look on his face, More Shin Min-ah has a round with action!

It had to be fear she was feeling. However, it may be he has a soft spot for her, because he misses his own sister. That is so awesome! Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance. They split up to capture ghosts left and right, while Mu-young goes straight for Arang.


Yay, thank you SOOO much javabeans! Thank you for the recap! Startled, she asks if he can actually touch her too, not just see her.

Stardust August 16, at 9: Then she realizes that Bang-wool could do the giving, only the shaman balks that she has no such money. Shin Mi Na plays mysterious supernatural characters soooo well! And the Amnesia nickname. What, are they magical time-traveling butterflies?

So I think that will add an interesting element into it when he will eventually have to give her up since she’s ya’know dead. Its funny how everytime Arang tosses cherry blossoms at him, he gets this look on his face, that I think its not so much the pain that he got from cuts, but the pain Arang went through to hold ALL those petals. Bang-wool holds Eun-oh back to ask how he can see ghosts. On Thursday, Lee used his Twitter to say, “I have an American friend who thinks that Korea is the best country in the world.

Arang and Eun oh cracked me up!

In the morning, the trio hauls a casket in to pick up the magistratr haonly now a little sorry that they picked a man so young with his whole life ahead. The leads are SOSOSO cute together, and I can’t wait for them to fall for each other -I completely agree about them being appealing both individually and together.

Not that Faith isn’t entertaining but I just find that Lee Min-ho is solely carrying the drama on his shoulders while Kim Hee-sun is simply riding along. He sits playing badook with his twin brother, King of the Underworld Park Joon-kyuwho is single-mindedly obsessed with winning the game.


So grateful that you and javabeans keep emg out these new recaps, despite still having the old ones like Gaksital to write up.

Really elegantly handled by the writers and the PD. Yoo Seung Ho Main Cast.

One that makes it possible for them to be together. Thankfully she remains asleep the whole time.

Lee Sung Min Cameo. I already love the chemistry and the relationship between Arang and Eun-oh, and I could ssub much watch the kings of heaven and hell play badook all day long.

Min Sung Wook Supporting Cast. I read your recap and watch it on you tube Legend of hyandang. XD And anyone else has a gripe about how Gaksital cheats and every week flashes back 5min before continuing the story?

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Maybe a friend doing her buddy a favor? Stylish, with a firm hand.

Arang and the Magistrate

Was he somehow related to the reason she died? I got all giddy and excited when I read the word extra. Park Joon Gyu Supporting Cast.

Yeah, but Viki isn’t available in all countries I loved the second drama! I can totally see myself shipping this couple or maybe I already am. While true, there aren’t many “beauties” who can surpass SMA in that dept. I also loved the subtle subversion of the makeover trope. Ep1 hooked me in, so I’m on board with Arang and Eun Oh.

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