Nobby played a role in the resolution of the ” war ” between Ankh-Morpork and the empire of Klatch in Jingo , and in recognition the Patrician gave him a new job in traffic control. Having a Guild Leader has some benefits, like setting a topic and a Totem Monster and so on. Select a valid country. For your own safety, we highly recommend you read every book ever written on the subject of Discworld. Several references to scent bombs have been made since, most notably their usage by Carcer, at the beginning of Night Watch , when he killed Sergeant Stronginthearm. Pratchett’s Watch has been described as part of a longstanding fantasy tradition where the characters of the city watch would “rush in and die, or run away”, with Pratchett’s approach to that tradition ranging from parody in the earlier novels to “deeper satire” in the later ones.

It can also entice new recruits to join us assuming the content is both amusing and creative! But, if you have questions about the paperwork, speak with the Watch Commander. He got his nickname after killing a man guilty of poisoning a well, and killing a number of villagers and very valuable camels one hour before the end of the traditional D’reg three days of hospitality, during which even your greatest enemy should be shown respect. He is referred to by Pratchett as follows: Angua’s relationship with actual wolves also provides much tension. As with all Igors, Constable Igor is highly talented at performing transplant surgery. This page was last edited on 9 December , at People of all species can’t help wanting to behave well in his presence.

This is the first Discworld book to reveal much about Angua’s background, and her parents and brother Wolfgang all figure in the story. Carrot does, however on rare occasions, hint at his royal powers to make things happen.

He is not particularly skilled in comma placement and has a bit of trouble with the whole concept of ” i before e “. Nobby is fond of folk dancing. This can occasionally be useful, as he dressed up as an old lady as part of a Traffic scam before being stopped by Vimes.

As a courtesy, as soon as you have an Invitation to Godville use it to connect with one of the members of our Inner Council:. He also created the special cooling helmet for Detritus.

Every special constable should have one of these. Don’t let that fear stop you from trying out some good old RP.

The City Watch ~

Nutt, in need of assistance after a football riot spilled over into a gang fight. Antique bronze metal — approximately 35mm high.

He had difficulty with this attitude, as his “old-fashioned” view of justice led him to arrest the leader of the entirely legal Thieves’ Guild on his first day.


So, do not create or change your character just to impress others. Colon also performs his duties in Thud!

Her sister, Elsa, is deceased, killed by Wolfgang, who disguised it as an accident. These individuals have provided valuable service to the guild generally by singing like a canary under interrogation at our guild HQ. There are 0 items available. This role perfectly fit the above described qualities, especially as the Traffic Squad is “self-financing” i. Despite this, being related to Nobby is not seen as a good thing in Ankh Morpork.

During a fight in the King’s Headin I Shall Wear Midnighthe fights off about thirty members of the Feegle clan from the Chalk, before returning to the Chalk to discover that he is, in fact, a Feegle foundling who was raised by gnomes, much in the same way Carrot was raised by dwarves.

He is, however, a skilled swordsmanas he does not resort to flashy swashbucklingbut instead actually attacks his opponent. During Nobby’s time in Klatch he “got in touch with his feminine side”, and is quite fond of wearing women’s clothing.

While they are touring other guilds, by having been created in the AMCW they are a permanent part of it, and it is always their true home.

Ankh-Morpork City Watch Badge

He is currently holding dual position of Custody Officer and Watch Liaison Officer; jobs so vague that no one is entirely sure what they entail, least of all Colon himself; they serve the dual purpose of preventing his brain from becoming overburdened with responsibility and avoiding the catastrophic possibility that he might be given a task of any real importance.

In the stageplay he was played by David Brett, formerly of the Flying Pickets. In Night Watch it is revealed that he has been in the service of the Ramkin family for most of his life.

He was made a special Watchman for that night. When Angua, a werewolf, tells him that her brother Andrei is stuck in wolf form and is forced to live as a champion sheepdog, Carrot notes that he is a champion. But the arena way is risky, because the hero may spend gold on skill upgrades, though usually he doesn’t. Angua and Wolfgang are the only children in their family with shape-shifting ability, known as “bi-morphs”. Cruces towards the end of the story.

Swing always carries with him a large set of calipers and a steel ruler, with which he measures the facial characteristics of people he meets in order to determine their personal traits phrenology. Remember, even level recruits can be on the first page of the pantheons of creation or destruction. After having learned about it Men at Armshe confides in Vetinari that he wants the people to obey the law because it’s the law, not because “Captain Carrot is good at being obeyed”, and that he is content with his job of ringing a bell and yelling that all’s well “provided of course that ‘all is well'”.


He is considered “the Disc’s most linear thinker”. Forcing them to do this can seriously injure your character’s personality, generating the kind of dissonance that makes it look fake and unpleasant.

Being a gargoylehe is capable of remaining motionless in one spot and watching for days at a time, a “world champion at not moving” as Vimes morporrk put it. He has a speech “impediment” in that he sometimes forgets to lisp.

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It is implied, and almost certainly true, that he bit a man’s nose off during the same war. Vimes had surreptitiously taken to carrying a notebook these days, and he had noted the ciyy as if the mere act of writing it down somehow made the world a more understandable place. Following an attempt on the prince’s life by an unknown assassin, he is suspected of killing the Watch’s prime suspect, provoking Vimes and other Watch members to pursue him back to Klatch Particularly after he captures Angua in werewolf form.

A few things to note: This favourite Discworld character is depicted in a detailed 30mm scale, high quality metal cast miniature. Introduced in Jingo possibly in The Light Fantastic ; there was a gnome identified only as SwiresBuggy possesses the hard-nosed, bellicose personality typical of his species, proving morpkrk to shout down uncooperative witnesses despite being only six inches tall. watcy

In off-duty moments he goes door to door with his fellow Omnian, Smite-the-Unbeliever-with-Cunning-Arguments. The Watch’s largest Troll officer, Bluejohn is a gentle and retiring troll.

Tulip in The Truth. The city learned about him as quickly when he won in ankhh fight against every miscreant in the Mended Drum tavern, including the then doorman Detritus the troll.

So even if your character is a mischievous trickster god, you have to be ready for what will happen as a result of his actions. But, if you have questions about the paperwork, speak with the Watch Commander.

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