And I think Attack on Titan? That’s one ferocious dragonoid, one roar and it creates hurricane force winds. I guess anime just likes to adopt typical shounen characters for some reason. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. This filler arc doesn’t seem that interesting to me. It’s obvious Grey isn’t really bad. Would you like to merge this question into it?

More fun than you might think. The main question this episode gave me is why is Gray cooperating with Daphne? It seems we will have another filler episode. Just like how the fights go different Natsu losses from Laxus in manga and anime he wins while Laxus has almost equal strength as Makarov. A tracker rate mortgage will track to the current base rate in the economy. Honestly, I can’t stand Daphne

If he does, Plue will replace him, if hes a guy. Jumbo loans are a higher taol for lenders and therefore are charged higher interest rate … s to offset that risk, in the event of default.

So giving him some screen times is fine, especially he is the only fan service tool for girls when Jellal is in jail ;A;but this is kinda lame somehow. At the end he loose his mind and attacks Lucy because he wants to be the only man to make her happy. No That “metomo” girl i want to kill her!!! The mortgage rates you pay are defined by what type of mortgage you have. Are Chicago mortgage rates lower than Los Angeles mortgage rates?

Gray vs Natsu is always a good fight. He was firstly Natsu’s rival but it’s replaced by Gajeel, he can be shipped with Erza and then Jellal just utterly destroys it. Most of it was self-explanatory, but I wonder if the villain girl did reveal anything about how and if she is controlling Gray.


More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Just like how the fights go different Natsu losses from Laxus in manga and anime he wins while Laxus has almost equal strength as Makarov never knew of this.

More fun than you might think. Benar sekali kita jangan selalu memikirkan orang lain kita juga harus memikirkan diri kita sendiri Follow: And I hope it won’t flop.

Appreciate the fact that you can see One Piece and Naruto in the background. Though as we all know can vary depending on location and credit rating. When money to lend is scarce, it becomes more expensive to borrow.


It seems we will have another filler episode. It seems that they decide to buff Gray and give him some screen times since he doesn’t have any role left now.

The average price for a house in Colorado is substantially higher than that of the average for the entire United States. I’m glad they air it despite the crisis: BBCode “There is no such thing as an Anime elitist.

Everything’s gone stale, including Happy’s new catchphrase. Frankly i think the fight between Gray and Natsu is redundant, i mean, Natsu has powered up a lot and well, i keep on seeing Gray with the same “ice make lance” over and over again, to me, Natsu is looks stronger than Gray by now.

Fairy Tail Episode 70 Discussi Trowing Gray into a random conflict during a time of peace is just a tactic in order to make him seem more interesting then he actually is; he’s a main character for some reason and compared to the animeratuo slayers, Gray has reached a plato long ago and isn’t rival material. Overthinking Anime a site devoted to anime and analysis. The fight between Natsu animerayio Gray was pretty decent, but I can’t say I liked the episode overall.


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Fairy Tail Episode 70 Discussion

Just animreatio how the fights go different Natsu losses from Laxus in manga and anime he wins while Laxus has almost equal strength as Makarov. I’m sure Gray hasn’t gone bad it’s just some actor thats just a fake one. Plue was soooo cute!!!! I plan on wearing Virgo stardress many more times in the future along with a few more iterations of Lucy.

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Well something is e;isode on with Gray, but I’m sure it will be resolved soon with this being filler and all. Hello everyone, today I tried to make an icon. The mortgage rates are rising because prime lending rates are rising. The second however complemented it. Nothing short of a complete reset on this arc and maybe the last 2 can save this series.

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Merge this question into. Ti voglio bene non mento e taol sto parlando della role Why is Gray being a jackass?

If you have a fixed rate mortgage, you’ll pay the interest rate which existed when you signed the dea … l. And i hope they reveal the reason behind Gray’s partnership with this Daphne girl. Fairy Tail Character s: First slide is fromsecond slide is from I think!

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