Try by RavenSara84 reviews Mikoto x Yata, yaoi. Fox-of the village 6. Before anything else, Agon is a leg man. A Pin Drop 3. A Dreamer Always Hot Crimson Passion They just couldn’t see the red string connecting them.

Tsuna checks on Xanxus late one night. What happens when the situation calls for the Varia’s involvement as well? Improvement by myabsolutesalute reviews In which Agito devises a plan and Kazu discovers another side of himself. So at his birthday, Xanxus meets an entertainer named Tsuna who’ll teach him a lesson or two in things he need to learn. Through countless encounters with each other, it’ll only be a matter of time before he breaks those walls around the marimo. Both trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. Resolution by half-sleeping reviews AU where Tsuna is a girl and went to Italy as a child.

I suck at summaries Xanxus has to rescue him. So when Tsuna dumped Hibari with the hopes of one day getting back together, he soon found himself falling for someone else. Born Under a Bad Sign by kayel29 reviews The world is in ruins, the justice league is gone, and eyesuield many others who have tried fighting for their freedom, Jason Todd is in prison.

Now he is found, but animecrzay completely mentally stable. Vongola vs Varia by iEXIST reviews When Vongolas are up against each other at a soccer game you should expect nothing short of death threats, blood, insults, loads of cheating, cussing, 13 rating and the list goes on… Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


The High Road by Cherry Ami reviews After a fight with an American team Kise can’t even remember, the team decide they should celebrate with drinks. What happens when Dick and Wally start spending more and more time together?

Eyeshield 21 Episode 132 English Subbed at gogoanime

Squalo x Yamamoto, smut. Follows “Win or Lose. But a huge misunderstanding forces them to get to know one another, and episove it’s not just for sex anymore. Once in a year, night never fell.

AU,slight Katekyo Hitman Reborn! It’s important for a leader to know how to delegate. This is going to be a long year. That was when it all went downhill with a serial undergarment thief, a rumour, two very irate friends and a animeecrazy string of misunderstandings.

M – English – Chapters: Overall, this oneshot series is rated M to be safe.

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T – English – Chapters: In which the Ninth is almost out of options. The Lost Memories of a Past Life by x. Fairies’ Affair by sillywillybunny24 reviews A happy coincidence leads Levy and Gajeel to a different level in their relationship. ZoroxLuffy, light at first, but it will get better: Storm59 reviews All either of them really wanted was a one-night stand. Seifer had always had feelings for Zell, not that he ever knew.


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Xanxux x Squalo; a little smut in passing. What’s more, he has to stay like that for a week as the perfume doesn’t wear out that easily. The reason for that call turns out to be no one else but Xanxus. Going Through the Motions by jellybeansprout reviews Tsuna’s bewildered by Squalo’s new attitude toward him.

Rating may range eueshield fluff to smut. Gaara’s Secret Mistress 0. What more oculd you want? Charm Point by xxkoffeexx reviews He said her hair was eye-catching.

Basiao borial going volkan chapel

Babysitting Days by amethyst-ice22 reviews Dame-Tsuna, well, was dame. Wally adjusts, but only after a fashion. Now, she has to deal with raging fangirls, a jealous stalker, and a jilted mother along with a relationship with someone completely different from herself.

Rated M not just for language. Nap Time by StormWildcat reviews Yamamoto is woken very unceremoniously from a nap during school.

Namimori Daycare Drabbles by xryuchan27 reviews This is a compilation of short stand-alone fics from Namimori Daycare. They just couldn’t see the red string connecting them.

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