When their college prep advisor tells them that it takes more than good grades and community service to get into the best schools, Finn and Chloe decide to make themselves and their college essays very special. The ending left me with some questions, and the writing was at times distracting and not in a good way , but I found the story overall very engaging and it was a quick and enjoyable read! Honestly though, I didn’t really like her that much. The summary of Accomplice pretty much He pushed Finn far with the guilt he caused. So that second line reeks of an author who’s showing off and showing off badly. If I think of any other sneaky tactics, perhaps I will write a book about them.

A boy named Dean liked Chloe and Chloe liked him. It makes me question where to draw the line – in academics, and friendship. Everyone is frantic to find Chloe and they worry the worst has happened. Finn and her best friend Chloe are high school juniors. Their seemingly foolproof plan spins out of control when Dean, a boy the girls flirted with, lands in jail as a suspect and is ostracized by the entire town. If it was before four she was usually at some scrap booking class. However, through the book, as more details about the reason for doing what they did it doesn’t seem so much.

Finn plays the role as devote friend searching.

They decide that to really stand out to a university, they need to be something extraordinary. Friendships have to have boundaries, because without them things fall apart, just like it did for Finn and Chloe.

A fantastic premise, but needing some more oomph to keep readers engaged after the initial excitement. Did I fall in love with this book?

I like sleep much better than this book. I liked accomplicce ending as in the very last pagebut I’m annoyed that i stayed up late to finish this when I could have been sleeping.

But it would have never occurred to me to plan my own kidnapping. It completely lives up to its promise as a thrilling look at lies and fame. It seems like if you want to get into a top notch school these days, you should have already solved the world hunger problem or published a few books.


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Open Preview See a Problem? This is the major lesson of what a lie can become, and that the right lie can change lives and ruin reputations. I hated how they were mean to him. Above all, it is this finely tuned ear for the details of interior life which sets this writer and her work apart.

If the plot summary intrigues you quite a bit, you may be more interested in the story and the characters than I was.

If you like stories about people doing dangerous things to get what they want then this is the book for you. As the front of the books says: But that day, I could see her from all the way down by the mailboxes. Corrigan fails to keep the reader and my attention with her new book Accomplice. The only thing that keeps me from chucking it down the trash apart of it being bought with money!


Stupid children, calling people names. A pretty quick read, Accomplice just simply was not for me. Aug 28, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: She intends to create suspense with the plot, but the story becomes unbelievable and somewhat tedious. I just this minute finished reading this page-turner. I have to praise the book first. With Accomplice, Eireann Corrigan has achieved that rare feat-a compulsive page turner that will haunt you after you put the book down.

I could see why a few teens would relish the idea of becoming “famou This book is so disturbing in so many different ways. Plus, Finn tries to tell her about how her parents are sick with worry. This will put them both on the map and guarantee them a spot at a college and the limelight all on the them The girls actually do plan really well and usmmary all the t’s and dot all the i’s. Un roman qui se veut captivant, poignant, tordu Who turns out to be the most admirable will not surprise you.

The plot itself is very well thought out, though a couple of things bothered me. I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and one of those books that you just had to keep reading a bit more. I have to criticize on the book a bit. Shepard, Sara, Published: I love the conflicts that grow in this book, and all that I wish is that we could have seen more of the aftermath.


Their school guidance counselor has told everyone that it’s not enough to get good grades or do community service anymore – ;lot like accomlpice are everywhere, and colleges are bored of them.

Finn and Chloe are best friends, and both are worried about how they are going to make it to the ivy leagues. The ending was what I expected; it was not surprising at all.

Jan 17, Jan rated it it was ok. Chloe decides they should get attention another way. Even the opening fails to interest me. Constantly, Finn was having internal struggles about doing what accommplice right and her loyalty to her best friend. They’re going to fake Chloe’s disappearance and presumed abduction. Cam was a nice touch. While I was reading the book, I kept asking when Finn will save her best friend.

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Even though Finn didn’t want to fake Chloe’s kidnapping as much as Chloe wanted to she still did it because they were best friends.

Sep 16, Melly rated eideann liked it Recommends it for: The genius of this book is that it introduces you to two seemingly regular people who had a very very bad idea and slowly allows us to see the true rottenness of their characters one in particular. They didn’t think about how Chloe’s family will corrigann Chloe and Finn are in high school and attend one of those getting into college seminars.

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