Released November 24, by Lion Heart. Released June 23, by Chase Atlantic. The routine ended as , Pacman, and Millie created a Swing Set, with Chachi as a “girl on a swing” held by Moon and Jaja before she jumped off. Houston , Texas , US [1] [2]. The crew performed with a chilling opening, featured the moonwalk , and ended with Brandon “” Harrell jumping down after gliding and giving a rose to Lil Mama while the rest of the crew made a big heart with their arms. Submitted April 13,

Languages Deutsch Norsk Edit links. Submitted May 18, The two crews were then pitted against each other in a three-round dance battle, with Swizz Beatz providing the music. They received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. Hip-hop dance , popping , tutting. Lil Mama liked how the crew showed illusions and visual effects but mixed it with solid dance choreography. The judges chose which performance the crews would reproduce, but with modifications.

Iconic Boyz Swizz Beatz. Released May 27, by Lion Heart. The judges also masttermix positive reactions. Released April 12, by Alex G. The new and present roster of I. Before the performance videos, the crew revealed that they had no problems performing two out of the three different styles Boogaloo [ clarification needed ] and Isolations [ clarification needed ] and only had problems performing the Dougie.

Lil Mama liked how the crew stepped up and loved how the crew had their own moments and identity in the competition. The crew performed their victory dance to ” Written in the Mastermi ” by Tinie Tempah.

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The finale opened with I. Submitted September 9, They achieved this three times in their routine, notably at the end, when the whole crew came together to form a robot.

Released March 1, by Lion Heart. Submitted September 20, The crew performed a routine which met the challenge and highlighted member Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales as a major character. Released April 14, seaxon Lion Heart. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The crowd did give them a standing ovation and chanted, “I.

ABDC SEASON 6 – EPISODE 1 — District 78 | We Are Dance Music

Submitted August 12, That same night, I. Released September 3, by David Wong. JC Chasez liked their style and was entertained, but wanted the mastemrix to expand and dance to other parts of stage, instead of just the center. Submitted August 14, Submitted May 27, Moon said that he really wanted to have a good performance that week because he wanted his parents seasob come to the finale and watch him perform live for the first time.

Submitted March 1, Maxtermix September 12, The challenge was handed out by fifth season’s winner, Poreotix. Released April 22, by Lion Heart. Submitted May 23, Season of the Superstars on June 5, Jaja’s father had never expected that they could have made it to top five, but the crew proved that he was wrong.

Submitted April 13, America’s Best Dance Crew winners American hip hop dance groups. Jun Hee Lee Nicki Minaj.

After the mid-show elimination, they then had to perform their Last Chance Challenge to ask viewers to keep voting them to be winner of ABDC. Submitted April 23, You can use the tab key to add more tags and shift tab to move back.


Both female members from I. JC still commented on “How I. Cover Remix Original Flag Inappropriate.


Season of the Superstars. Submitted June 13, Released August 26, by atvile. D-Trix said that esason crew was getting better and better. Submitted May 18, In the fourth week, they received the Katy Perry song “Peacock” with the challenge amstermix fan out like a peacock onstage. Released May 6, by Lion Heart. The judges were pleased, but JC still was not satisfied with how they used the stage, and asked them to spread out more.

After the crew disbanded in latePacman, Moon, and held an audition, creating a brand new crew with three new members in preparation for ABDC: Released November 24, by Lion Heart. Submitted December 30, The crew performed with a chilling opening, featured the moonwalkand ended with Brandon “” Harrell jumping down after gliding and giving a rose to Lil Mama while the rest of the crew made a big heart with their arms. Uploaded Avdc 23, to Youtube. JC noted again that they were unique.

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