Though Jassi tries to comfort her, but of no avail. After having a good time with Viren and his family, Nimmi decides to leave. Naren makes him sleep and later discusses this with Jassi. Naren and his friends are enjoying and reminiscing the good old time. Jassi asks Nimmi to join Viren for lunch and she leaves. However, Viren loses his cool on Jassi as he feels that she was aware of his marriage date. Jassi fears that the dream may turn into reality. When Viren comes to know of this, he is irked.

Viren later apologises to Jassi and manages to pacify her. Channi makes it clear that she wants her life-partner to be of caring and loving nature. Jassi assures that she inform them about the dates after discussing with Naren and consulting their family priest. Viren is taken aback, but does not say anything to Nimmi. Nimmi and Viren have good time while shopping together. What will happen next, will the cashier recognize Viren and Jassi, watch Aaadhe Adhoore to find out. Jassi then sarcastically tells Nimmi that she will soon learn the norms of their family.

Beeji tells Jassi to take care of herself.

Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 30 – video dailymotion

aadhd One of the women taunts Jassi saying that her importance will go down once Nimmi comes home after marrying Viren. Aadne this, Viren also loses his cool and confronts Jassi. He assures Viren that he will always help him in all his endeavors. Jassi and Viren are surprised to see Nimmi. Jassi and Beeji feel offended, but do not say anything to Viren. This makes Beeji and Jassi very happy and they start feeling that Nimmi is trying to get the family together.


The cashier at the clinic gets suspicious as Viren is looking very perturbed. The next day, Jassi makes up a story to Beeji and leaves for Jalandhar along with Viren.

Will she succeed in her endeavour? However, he is irked when a lady comes home and snatches away the money, saying that Pappu had forcibly sold the goods to her daughter.

Beeji finally asserts that the marriage celebrations have begun and henceforth, every day will be a celebration.

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Nimmi tells her mother that she woke up early as Viren also gets up early in the morning. Beeji then tells Naren that it is because of Nimmi, who requested her uncle for his transfer. Later, Ashok gets irked when he returns home and tells his wife, Poonam about his meeting with Jassi. Jassi then tells Viren that once he is married, he will obey all the orders of his wife.

He asks Jassi to convince Viren and fix this alliance, as it will also open new avenues for him in his job. A dejected Jassi feels miserable and holds Naren responsible for her state. Aadhe Adhoore Season 1. Jassi is shocked when Poonam makes it clear that she has decided to sever her ties with her.

Aadhe Adhoore

She looks for Jassi and is shocked to see epsiode coming from terrace. Later in the night, when Viren comes home, he is surprised to find Jassi waiting for him for dinner. Soon, Naren phones Jassi and informs her that he may get epsiode to India. During the Shagun ceremony, Nimmi’s father introduces Viren to his friends and he finds the cashier from the abortion clinic with them. Jassi and Viren arrive home and Beeji is shocked to see Jassi, as she is looking very epissode.


On the other hand, Viren is having a good time with his friends. She shares her heart out to Beeji, who comforts her and assures her that everything will be soon all right.

Later in the evening, everyone enjoys during the Sangeet ceremony.

However, Viren loses his cool on Jassi as he feels that she was aware of his marriage date. She tells Viren that she will have to abort her pregnancy if her pregnancy is confirmed. Jassi is equally petrified.

While returning home, Avhure is surprised when Naren phones her. Viren feels bad to know that Jassi went to bed without dinner the previous night. Everyone is impressed to see the gifts.

On the other hand, Viren makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying.

Later in the night, Jassi tries to convince Viren, but fails. Beeji is feeling apprehensive with the thought that Viren will leave them after marriage. Soon, Viren gets drunk and in an inebriated state tells Naren that he wants to talk something important.

Jassi is very happy as Naren has arrived after so many years. Click here to login.

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