These tutors used to attend French theatrical troops that used to come to Morocco to perform Moliere. In academic circles here, LA Times 14 reports that Indian films are no longer seen as quaint, gaudy and oriental items, but a resilient cultural powerhouse in the subcontinent that challenges the near-global domination of Hollywood films. Film festival of Safi must come back. I think Abdelwahad does not go to festivals. I like the idea of the painting in your movie. By the way, technically speaking, do you know that the first crane built in Morocco was by Mohamed Ousfour. What is your name? There is that artist card that circulates within.

I was deceived to know that Safi film festival has vanished. Maybe it is not time to talk about them yet. Carl Les and others. Analogy of Mustafa Mounir Actor and technician. These men are giving power to IIFA to become more world class ceremony. It was a good experience.

Whenever you go, Bollywood movies prevail in popular theatres, for example ,Cairo,casablanca and Dubai cinemas are full with bollywood fans, and you can hardly find your ticket.

The original idea comes through three options: Ain ashok was then called Telma. It is not true; this is said by Abdelwahad Ouzri. I think his family still keeps it there. By the way, technically speaking, do you know that the first crane built in Morocco was by Mohamed Ousfour. Twice nominated for Academy Award for best actress, Sigourney Weaver succeeds Volker Schlondorff as head of the Lhaywt of short films competition, awarded to students of film schools and institutes in Morocco.


I am a man who came out of a great school in Moroccan drama studies. Besides, I know things about rushes kept somewhere in Swissi suburbs.

Lhaywt Essaih was right to dubb indian movies that time, because the majority of the Moroccans were analphabets. Allekaa Al Akhir by Abdellah Misbahi. She was from Germany and the first actor-technician in Morocco. Things that CCM would avoid to mention too.

Tell me, can you see him? I got about 16 awards.


They already mise-en — scene the platform of the seventh edition festival already called — Love at first sight. You have a nice reputation as actor?

Kitar al Hayat by Hamid Bannani. When he projected his film at Berlin film festival, Yash Shopra was scared that the people would not understand the storyHowever ,at the end of the film, he saw people crying. Assarab by Ahmed Bo uanani.

Al Kanfoudi by Nabil Lahlou Cinema: Cinema productions must be continuous and good in quality and quantity. Bina Paul is an artistic director and member of Kerala International film festival in the south of india.

Many critics in Morocco would immeditaly judged Indian cinema as an emotional cinema which only seeks imposssible love, and therefore damages the taste with its chosen six songs and pharonic scenes and yet praised and admired by others just like Razak, a Hindu fan and film critic who is illuminated by its new waveindepentent anti-studio cinemapioneered by Madhur Bhandarkar.


De we have expensive actors?

RbibStudio 2M – video dailymotion

Fierce competition is between Tounzi and Noureddine Lakhmari. It costs him a lot, about 85 millions. It was a good experience.

He goes up in the terrace to throw himself in order to end his life. They should have at least some dignity. This was confirmed to me by the most respected filmmaker Yash Shopra who was in Marrakech in with his wife, Pamela Chopra. I was deceived to know that Safi film festival has vanished. Hindi cinema has influenced the way in which people perceive various aspects of their own lives.

My name is Mustafa Mounir, a theatre and cinema actor.

He writes how exquisitebeautiful and lhayaat arising and yet glorifying world wild Hindi cinema is. Music was composed by Osama Al Moda.

Then I think we might talk about stardom. Artists represent civil society. Film festival of Safi must come back. I do not think so.

Abdelhadi Belkhayat

Sometimes they were called to dub Hindi films with you? I have suggested paying homage to Brahim Sayeh and the wife of Mohamed Ousfour in this town inch Allah. It is thrown somewhere in his studio in Arfoud which is apparently closed because of heritage problems. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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