Either my computer screen is bad cuz you can’t see the whites of her eyes, only black. Min Ho offers Ji Kyung a job as his housekeeper, asking if she knows how to cook and clean. Brandi April 15, at 7: I suppose the lack of eye candy was partly to blame. I thought so too. I love this site, it gives me other interpretations for dramas.

Some parts were a bit too boring for me and I actually spent quite a lot of time fast forwarding certain scenes because I just wanted to find out what would happen next. That’s some major restraint. His character is supposed to have been extremely poor when he was younger so he has this great desire to be rich. Mr Bloo April 7, at 4: RN April 7, at 2: I wonder what makes the Scheduler die back then. Cindy April 14, at Lavender April 6, at

He’s a good actor.

He is now expected to make his comeback in the SBS Wed. Dayz pages with something that needs to be highlighted are included in this post.

Elllen April 15, at Just the thought of it is exciting. But I think you’re right–I’m glad they’re allowing Ji hyun to grow.

49 Days Episode 7 Recap

I think maybe Yi Kyung said those words to him when he was still alive and he vramacrazy forgive her or something and stormed out and got into an accident. Ji Hyun screams at Scheduler, telling him to do something. Min Ho goes to the restaurant to see Kang, who is sleeping on the sofa of his office.


Min Ho and In Jung. I have to live. Fill in framacrazy details below or click an icon to log in: I need a tutor for kdrama Korean Another analogy would be a mechanisms of the human body. Yo Won would be the main lead.

I think it was herself tear Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. His steadfast love for her despite her having a new body shows his strength of character and the depth of his love for Ji Hyun. Nam Gyuri used to sing with Seeya, so she’s a vocalist in her own right – their voices are similar in real life.

It’s almost making me suspect that he has a MinHo complex and that in some alternative universe, he’s going to make a play for MinHo’s affections after JH officially passes on. Any officially “signed” docs that pop up now cannot be really signed by JH. Not necessarily– there are a number of adjectives that end in -ly such as “friendly”, “lovely”, “manly”, etc.

49 Days: Episode 7 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Dramacazy this post Link to post Share on other sites. I’m saving money to get someone to make a wax replica of him like in Mdm Tussaud’s Museum. He will be soooo sad and shocked to see YiKyung living like this Rina April 7, at 8: Yi-kyung is sleeping in Dr. Thanks for the recap girlfriday!!! What if he met Kang there on purpose.


49 Days: Episode 10 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Management company said, through “49 days”, Jo Hyun Jae will implement comprehensive arts activities, especially towards the Asian. And I love how it’s a mystery now as to who the tear had come from.

Ji Hyun talks to Yi Kyung, thanking her for not killing herself, and telling Yi Kyung that she is so very envious of Yi Kyung have a healthy body, being able to touch things, being able to talk to people and have them hear her voice.

If her tear is the first one. And Kang is in love with Ji Hyun and I love his memories of her Viikii has it but is not allowed to permit access.

She wonders why Yi Kyung lives like this, and she flashbacks to the conversation between Yi Kyung and Dr.

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