Janna Rami Yasser Almuqateaa, 2, female Naeem Jumaa Mohamed Abumazeed, 31, male Rami Faisal Matar Alshishi, 31, male Bassem Mohamed Mahmoud Maadi, 22, male Fareed Mahmoud Ali Abudiqat, 32, male Mohamed Anwar Sulaiman Derazeen, 13, male Hussam Abdelghani Ahmed Yassen, 17, male

From the opening, Al-Wasl were on the back foot. Mayar Nayef Alyazji, 2, female Saaeda Thabit Saeed Alnikhala, 54, female Mohamed Kamel Mohamed Abdelrahman, 30, male Mohamed Ziad Saleh Alrahal, 6, male Walaa Mohamed Ali Alqayed, 15, male

Mohamed Sabhi Saleem Abedain, 23, male Mona Abdelrahman Mahmoud Eiyad, 41, female Rasheed Khalid Faris Naser, 24, male Yaseen Ibrahim Deeb Alkilani, 9, male It was the final kick of the game and replays showed that the last touch came from Honduran striker, Jerry Bengston. The funny story of the JoPL, it really is.

Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelhameed Almaghreby, 23, male Al-Faisaly stole a valuable 3 points from Jordan Pro League Champions Wehdat in a match that saw them play in front of a huge attendance at the Amman International Stadium. Persian Gulf Pro League – Iran.


Layla Ibrahim Zaarab, 40, female Nayef Maher Nayef Alzazah, 24, male Baker Mohamed Jouda, 22, male Mohamed Anwar Sulaiman Derazeen, 13, male Ibrahim Shaaban Mustafa Bakroun, 39, male Hadi Salah Aldin Ahmed Abuhassanain, 12, male Bilal Abudaqqa, male Aahed Etaf Aahed Bakir, 10, male Eman Ibrahim Aayesh Alremahi, female Ahmed Fauzi Hamad Radwan, 23, male Fatima Abdelrahim Abdelkadar Abuamouna, 55, female Mohamed Attallah Awdat Saadat, 25, male Atia Mohamed Hassan Aldaawsa, 34, male Salman Mohamed Ahmed Semaina, 30, male Abdallah Yousef Abdeljabar Daraji, 3, male Fadi Ziad Hassan Asaleem, 9, male Husni Mahmoud Yousef Alabbasy, 55, male Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Naser, 13, male Abdelrahman Mahmoud Abdelfatah Abdelnaby, 1, male Surprisingly, Al-Wasl came back to life in the second half while Emirates had a two-man advantage.

Mohamed Rateb Shehada Abujazer, 25, male Ahmed Abdelhakim Abdallah Aasfour, 30, male Ibrahim Nabil Osman Hamada, 23, male Mohamed Mahmoud Saeed Abualeitaa, 28, male Raed Abdelrahman Abdallah Abumakhseeb, 34, male Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein Moumar, 30, male Eitaf Kamel Mohamed Abudeqqa, 54, female Ayman Adham Yousef Alhajj Ahmed, 16, male Abdallah Shaiboub Ahmed Alshinbary, 7, male Al-Arabi captain Khoukhi Boualem was shown a straight red card 55th for a challenge on Muriqui when he was through on goal.


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