He has practically disappeared from the face of this earth and apparently his news still sells. Bitter Kisses English Fansubs. This time around it would be like burning to death. Aum is gorgeous and Num is cute a little chubby, but still cute. The girl is way too trustworthy. All of the above? You are commenting using your Facebook account. There are only Ai Ponn and Ai Ak, this will be an opportunity to claim my vendetta.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Matt falls on the sofa, shocked again. But Matt rushes to her fan club and summons everyone to meet in front of his condo to cheer him on. He rushes to the scene, but finds her on the floor, covered in blood. How can you double cross him like that?! Matt was a little too naive and sometimes almost dumb as she is a reporter and should therefore be a little smarter in putting a puzzle together. He slaps Mattana immediately and proceeds to throw her against the wall and beat her to a pulp.

I was the one to give them to you! Paving My Author’s Road He rushes to help.

He gets a suspicion and they rush back inside. They handcuff Tawan and the news that he is murder defendant spread all over the media.

Scribblings of a fangirl. Matt is in the front row, screaming her lungs off. Did you know what that bad foreigner did to me? She tries to stop him further by telling him that it is the golden opportunity for his comeback. Tawan no longer stars in el, instead he has become a top fashion designer. But as a Aum and Yaya fan I wanted to be a bit loyal, so you el me.

Maya Tawan (2012)

Mattana is terrified, but she thrashes a vase against his head. So is this a hatred for women or for KhetTawan? The entertainment industry tawa certainly a burn and churn one.


There is only one dress.

As always your reviews are awesome. Serie 13, at 4: He rushes musketeeers the scene, but finds her on the floor, covered in blood. Sarawat and Mee approach the two and fill them in on the case of the missing pearls. Mattana beams and hugs mukseteers in answer. Mattana shares the news with her two musketeers who screeched with envy over the phone.

He is Chane Cross Num Sornram and he invites her to dinner. But the reporter retorts that it is his job to ask questions, and since KhetTawan is a public figure, they have the right to inquire about his personal life. The three musketeers are split up into different parts of the country, but before they venture out, they all decide to attend a fashion show together. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The sun is setting, how fitting, and several cops appear, standing in a straight line aiming their guns at Chane.

Chane gets his dirty pearls and Sittee and Matt exchange looks. She cries tears of joy as they embrace. Khun Ak asks her where to find Mattana. This experience gives Tawan a bad taste in his mouth and only serves to prove how much el disliked the media. Email required Muskfteers never made public. This angers him and he tries to kiss her. The patient was admitted due to drug addiction.

There is a deep gash. However she snickers to KhetTawan that the girl is too sefies for hire. When the kids grow up, Tawan and his friend work low paying job like a waiter just to get by and pay for his tawwn uni fees. Scribblings of a fangirl. MT is part one of a three series lakorn, so Matt will be featured in her own story alongside Boy Pakorn.


He has a bandaged on his left cheek. Tawan tells him to let the ladies go and they can talk, which makes Chane laugh. She tells him that she overheard Bot telling Khun Ponn over the phone to help Mattana.

You made her sell her body, use drugs, forced her to take those lurid photos and made her work for you! But Tawan has no interest.

As he drives out of the garage, Matt stops in front of him. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Aum Atichart is beautiful- and I like how they are telling the story of how Mattana started as a devoted fangirl and explaining their falling out.

Maya Tawan – Wikipedia

They come after her and apprehend her anyway. And the rest as they say, is history. Finally managed to watch Maya Tawan. Feeling guilty, she releases the collected seashells back into the ocean. She has her own biases against him and they falling by the wayside, in a good way.

Mattana looks shyly at him. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! But Chane still has an ounce of revenge, when he pulls the trigger. Shukmeister Musings Of a Twisted Mind.

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